Breathing exercises for weight loss stomach exercises

Breathing exercises for stomach – fast way to a perfect figure

Without breathing, the human body can not only function normally, but simply to exist. Therefore, an increasing number of scientists agree that breathing exercises for weight loss in the abdominal area of the most simple and effective way to tighten and strengthen the muscles and eliminate excess fat in this area.

It is important to breathe properly

The most correct and detailed is breathing using the diaphragm. In the

process of respiration when breathing in, the belly will stick out slightly, filling with air.

And the interesting fact that all newborn babies breathe this way and adults on the contrary completely exclude the belly of the respiratory process, using inspiratory thoracic (upper) part of the respiratory system.

If breathing, thus, the oxygen gets into the lower part of the lungs, and the exhaust air exits completely. Therefore, the tissue of the human body are supplied with oxygen not in full, which can lead to the formation of excess fat on the shape.

Taking a breath, diaphragmatic principle, you need the abdomen to inflate as much as possible, shoulders while leaving a fixed. The breath should be through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. In the process of exhalation, the abdomen should be drawn.

If breathing in this method, oxygen is the fuel that forcibly enters your body, will effectively decompose the excess fat, promoting their excretion.

Exercises for belly or how to lose weight easily

Regular strenuous workouts and dietary restrictions are often powerless and ineffective. The first success can only be noticed after several months of hard training. So many women just throw your workout, halfway disillusioned in a weight loss program and having lost their faith in success.

Unlike classic sports exercises, breathing exercises, allow fast enough, after a few days of training to see a positive trend.

If you combine proper breathing with moderate exercise the abdominal muscles, alternating with stretch marks, tighten the belly and give it to its former elasticity is not easy.

Oxygen cocktail from pam Groat

Unique gymnastics from this author introduces us to breath in pure form, without any physical exertion and additions. Pam herself was faced with the problem of excess weight face to face and have tried various methods to resolve the trouble. But really productive was only breathing exercises that promote weight loss.

Effective exercise – “Queen of the beach”. To start, you must deeply inhale the air through the nose, as much as possible the bulging belly, all the breath should be made on four accounts.

Then hold your breath for the time that is four times the inspiratory time, that is, sixteen accounts. And in conclusion of the exercise, exhale all the air from the lungs by mouth, two times slower than you inhaled, that is, eight accounts, while pulling the belly in as much as possible.

How to tighten stomach

The following set of exercises for slimming is combined with the correct breathing. Although the rules of conduct here are not as strict as in the previous section. You just need to inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Lie on your back, hands behind your head, exhale slowly for six accounts, then quickly inhale again and exhale slowly, repeat the entire circuit at least six times (you can do the same exercise while standing and sitting). For the second exercise, lie on your back and your hands palms down, place on your stomach, making slow exhale, severely straining the abdominal muscles and pulling the belly in.

Then inhale quickly, thrusting the abdomen forward, and then exhale again, as suggested earlier, and as you exhale you need to press your fingers at the press, controlling the tension of the abdominal muscles. This exercise must be repeated six times, and then spend the whole scheme from the beginning in a standing position and a sitting position.

The third exercise we conduct in the supine position, tensing your abdominal muscles in the long process of exhalation, thus crossing his hands on his stomach, lowering your chest and bringing his shoulders. Then breathe in for four counts, bulging stomach and trying to expand the chest area, repeat the whole process six times.

The next step down, putting his hands on his belt and leaning forward, trying to connect the shoulders and at the same time while exhaling. On the inhale, count to four, bulging stomach and tensing of the abdominal muscles. The whole scheme repeat at least six times, then rest a bit and do another approach. Performing all of the above exercises, three times a day, you will soon forget that you had trouble with the press.

Eastern principles of weight loss

The following breathing exercises called Tsangpa came to us from the East. These exercises focus not only on losing weight, but also to normalize the functioning of all systems of the human body.

In based on three basic exercises that are executing in the complex, very efficiently and quickly allow you to normalize the metabolism and get rid of the excess fat accumulated for years. The first exercise, called “wave”, is performed in the supine position nor the back, with knees bent and feet fixed on the floor with his feet and one hand should lie on his chest and the other on the belly, for the fixation of the respiratory process.

On the inhale, the belly drawn, and straighten the chest, exhale belly flaunting as much as possible, and Breasts tend to drag. To do this exercise needs about forty times, although if your head starts to spin, somewhat reduce the intensity of the exercise. And to perform an impromptu wave can not only supine, sitting, standing or even while walking.

The following set of “frog” speaks for itself, as a pose to run it really resembles a frog. So, first sit on the chair, spreading his knees up to width of your respective shoulders and bent so that the Shin formed a right angle with the thigh. Then grasp the right palm, left hand, clenched in a fist, forehead squeeze their hands, and elbows to the knees, breathe, completely relaxing your body. Next start to breathe through the nose producing a slow, deep breath, bulging the belly, and striving as much as possible, straining with the abdominal muscles, and exhale through the mouth completely relaxing the muscles of the abdomen. Between inhalation and exhalation, hold the breath for a few seconds, and the entire complex repeat several times.

To perform the third exercise is called “Lotus”, you need to adopt an appropriate posture (it is also called Buddha pose). Expand the right hand, palm up, on her the same way put your left hand and put them together on your knees, straighten your back, chin up and shoulders down and her eyes blank for centuries.

Bodyflex for belly

Another unique method of exercise for weight loss – “bodyflex”. This complex is based on a skilful combination of breathing exercises and moderate loads.

Only four basic exercise and appropriate breathing exercises, which is a strong exhalation, with the retraction of the abdomen, the subsequent sharp breath, with protrusion of abdominal section, full breathing and breath-hold from eight to twelve seconds. First, we must study the lateral abdominal muscles, bend your legs at the knees, spreading them shoulder-width apart, palms place above the knees and do the breathing exercise.

Then, during breath hold, stretch the elbow of the left arm to the same knee, stretching the opposite leg out to the side without lifting the foot from the floor and lifting up his right hand maximally stretching the side muscles. Repeating three times such a complex one and the second side of the body, you can tighten and strengthen the side abdominal muscles.

To work the lower press exercise will help “scissors”, perform lying on your back, legs out straight and your hands placed under the buttocks. After performing the breathing exercises, during breath hold, lift the straight leg a few inches above the level of the first floor and spread them apart, and then we’ll cross over each other. Perform like Mahi, placing one foot on top, then another about ten seconds. Relax and repeat 3 times.

Completes training exercise “right”. To do this, sit on the floor cross legged in front of him bent at the knees, placing the left knee on top. Then grasp the knee that is on top of the right hand and left hand pull back as far as possible, do breathing exercises and breath, begin to twist your body to the left, trying to see what is behind you. Linger at the extreme point eight seconds. Repeat the entire complex on one and then on the other party not less than three times.


In the opinion of many women, it is like breathing exercises, it finally became possible to achieve a good result to lose weight and after many unsuccessful attempts.

Alena, 24 years: after the child has tried a variety of techniques to restore the tone of the abdominal muscles, but really helped effectively only exercises bodyflex.

Karina, 32 years: breathing exercises work wonders and it does not require any funding or special conditions. Can be practiced everywhere and always, it would wish.

Valentine, 37 years: regular breathing exercises are very effective, the main thing is not to throw everything in the middle, and find at least 15 minutes for yourself every day. Such training is not worse than grueling exercise, but time is save a lot and the result is much steeper.

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