Breathing exercises qigong

Breathing exercises: techniques and exercises

Concepts of breathing exercises there are many – is and ancient qi Gong, and exercises for singers Strelnikova, and exercises aimed at relief of attacks of bronchial asthma, Buteyko developed, and Bodyflex slimming and Oxisols. Let’s try to understand the techniques and to answer the question which of breathing practices are better or more suitable particular person.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is probably the most philosophical and the most ancient gymnastics. Yes and gymnastics-that this practice is difficult to call, rather it is an ideological system. It is based on the concept of Qi energy – substance inherent in all living things and necessary for the existence of organisms. For the health needs free circulation of Qi through the energy channels of the body. To those and are including light. Therefore, inhaling and exhaling, a person can control that power. Qi Gong includes not only philosophy, but the practice of martial arts, meditation, exercises with strict adherence to the principles of correct breathing.

The Chinese have identified eight types of proper breathing: natural, conventional, reverse, intermittent, inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth, holding Qi through the channels, the Ren Mai and Du Mai, secret breath and a genuine breath.

Natural breathing is the way we breathe, naturally. Normal – breathing belly, it actively participates aperture. During inspiration the dome of the diaphragm descends more into the abdominal cavity, allowing the lower lobes of the lungs to swell and to admit large amounts of air. The abdomen is inflated. During exhalation, the abdomen is retracted. Return – by analogy with conventional, only the abdomen is retracted on the inhale, air fills to a greater extent the upper parts of the lungs, when you exhale, the stomach protrudes.

Breathing is characterized by a breath as peak inspiratory and peak expiratory flow. Inhale through the nose, exhaling through the mouth – this type speaks for itself, the diaphragm here behaves like a normal breath. The conduct of Qi through the channels, the Ren Mai and Du Mai is also called the Small circle of circulation, this type is a reverse breath, and mentally, you must first send Qi from the crotch to the point Bai Hui over the crown, then to release the energy through the nose during exhalation.

Secret breathing is characterized by long slow breath through the nose and barely visible exhalation, as through the nose. Genuine same breath, in the opinion of the adherents of Qi Gong that can be achieved only in a state of meditation, with complete detachment. Apparently, there is a view barely visible from the side of the breath, like the breath of a sleeping person.

Breathing exercises A. N. Strelnikova exercises

Initially breathing exercises A. N. Strelnikova was developed by the author to restore a singer vocalists and return the voice to the speakers. However, it later emerged that this is a good health non-drug method as a whole – it is used in bronchial asthma, reduced immunity, hypertension and just to enhance physical and mental endurance . In the system many exercises, based on the principle of “noisy sharp breath, calm silent sigh”, but the key named “palm”, “pogonici”, “pump”.

The Exercise Of “Palms”

Exercise “Pogonici”

Starting position – standing or sitting straight with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, hands at waist level, palms clenched into fists. Inhaling sharply, hands down, compressing the fists and fingers spread, and at this point, try with maximum force to strain the hand and shoulders. Make 8 series 8 times.

Exercise “Pump”

Starting position – standing or sitting straight with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. Loud inhale and slowly bend and then slowly return to the starting position, as if you were working pump. Make 8 episodes for 8 times.”

Exercises Strelnikova is often called paradoxical due to the fact that short and sharp inhale through the nose here, you need to do during the movements, forcing you to compress the muscles of the chest. According to the author, this way of breathing produces a new pattern of breathing – breathing in the back.”

Breathing exercises K. P. Buteyko

Most existing breathing techniques, except perhaps in qigong, recognize the benefit of deep breathing and, as a consequence, the oxygen saturation of blood. Konstantin Pavlovich said about absolutely return! Based on the fact that in patients with bronchial asthma lung capacity 2-3 times more than healthy people, Buteyko considered a boon shallow breathing and conservation in the blood of high concentrations of carbon dioxide . Actually, the author is not against oxygen, he argues that the concentration of one gas does not always have a negative correlation to the concentration of the other. Hyperventilation of the lungs he was accused of this sin, as the cause of bronchial asthma, insomnia, cerebrovascular disorders, hypertension, sclerosis and other diseases. Proper breathing on Buteyko: shallow breath for 2-3 seconds. slow exhale for 3-4 sec. pause for 3-4 seconds.

Breathing exercises Buteyko is a purely breathing exercises, without gestures when walking and running should be interrupted for the installation of breathing, and describe the method:

The Buteyko Method

In the upper parts of the lungs.5 sec. – inhale, 5 seconds. – exhale 5 seconds. – pause. Repeat 10 times.

– In the diaphragm and chest (full breath). 7 sec. – breath, from the diaphragm to the thoracic breathing; 7 sec. – exhale, starting with the diaphragm, finishing bottom of division of the lungs; 5 sec. – pause. Repeat 10 times.

– Perform a full breathing alternately through the left and right nostrils. Repeat 10 times.

– Pull your stomach. 7 sec. – inhale, 7 sec.– exhale for 5 seconds. – pause, pull in the abdominal muscles. Repeat 10 times.

– Maximum ventilated lungs. To make 12 quick breaths, 2 secs. – inhale, 2 seconds. – exhale. Immediately perform a maximum pause exhalation 1 time.

– It is rare to breathe.

5 sec. – inhale, 5 seconds. – exhale 5 seconds. – pause. Repeat 4 times.

5 sec. – inhale, 5 seconds. – delay after inhalation, 5 sec.– exhale for 5 seconds. – pause. Repeat 6 times.

7 sec. – inhale, 7 sec. – delay after inhalation, 7 h. – exhale 5 seconds. – pause. Repeat 6 times.

10 sec. – inhale, 10 sec. – delay after inhalation, 10 sec. – exhale, 10 sec. – pause. Repeat 6 times.

– To perform a maximum delay of breath on the exhale, then inhale 1 time.

– Superficially, invisible to breathe from 3 to 10 minutes gradually reduce the amount of inhaled air. Strong lack of air shows doing the exercise correctly.

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