Classification of the main forms of human activity physical

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When physical work is essential to the proper organization of the workers movement, the alternation of the St

Classification of the main forms of human activity: physical labor and

energy costs

Human activity is of a different nature. Work activity is: – physical labor, mental labor, operator labor, management labor, creative work, etc.

Physical labor is determined by energy costs:


Physiology of labour — is the science that studies the changes of the functional state of human organism under the influence of his work activities and supporting methods and tools for the organization of work aimed at maintaining high efficiency and promotion of workers ‘ health.

The main tasks of the physiology of labor are:

– the study of physiological patterns of employment;

study of physiological parameters of an organism at different types of work;

– development of practical recommendations and interventions aimed at optimizing the work process, reducing fatigue, the preservation of health and high working capacity for a long time.

In the course of employment a person has to perform various kinds of work. Historically the division between physical and mental work, which from a physiological point of view probation. No muscle activity is impossible without the participation of the Central nervous system, regulating and coordinating all processes in the body, at the same time, this is not mental work, in which there is no muscular activity. The difference of labour processes is manifested only in the predominance of the muscular system or the Central nervous system. Currently, in connection with the mechanization and automation of production processes, physical tension in the labour force plays a lesser role and significantly increases the role of higher nervous activity.

During the labor process are activated by various physiological systems. If most of the physical effort, it is primarily activates the muscular system and the system of so-called autonomic components of muscle activity (circulation, breathing); in case of intensive physical work increases the level of metabolic processes, the quantity consumed per minute of oxygen, minute volume and respiratory rate, heart rate, etc.

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Human activity is of a different nature. Work activity is: – the physical. read more “.

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Classification of the main forms of activity . The concept of “labor” and “work” is not unambiguous. The term “work” means all activities . associated with energy expenditure and output of the body out of dormancy.

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