Diet diet before marafona

Diet: diet before marathon

The human diet always affects his health and well-being. Meal plan for several weeks to participate in the race, especially before a marathon is no exception.  find out what premaratna diet who need it, and how you should eat before a run to achieve the desired result.

Daily menu affects your tone, energy, and, accordingly, the results of participation in competitions. Overeating, starvation, the choice of

“infidels”, which is unusual for body products or following a strict diet is a typical beginner’s mistakes.

The marathon is very long distance, which imposes a large athlete requirements both in terms of endurance and psychological preparedness. For a marathon runner weighing 70 kg burn about 2800 calories. Each athlete’s foot makes about 50 thousand steps, testing the load of three times the body weight. About diet marathoners, we asked the jury Klima and Alexander Kuzin — professional athletes and coaches United Sports .

Every aspiring marathoner probably realizes that he should pay attention to what foods and in what quantities he consumes. It is just as important as exercise plan. However, all the runners out to the start line, with varying degrees of preparedness . in various physical forms, for different purposes. So follow premaratna diet all strictly not necessary. The classical scheme of power before the marathon — strict protein diet and following it carbohydrate accumulation that should not all, say coach.

Yuri Klim

A participant, winner and winner of many international competitions in athletics, triathlon and skyrunning (Elbrus, Kilimanjaro). Two-time finisher Marathon des Sables (250km across the Sahara) and Transalpine-run (320 km through the Alps)

The meaning premaratna diet to create a deficit of carbohydrates that accumulate in the liver and muscles as glycogen, which, in turn, serves as fuel for the body during long workouts and competitions. Exhausting workout, and her protein diet lead to the fact that the level of glycogen decreases from 1.5 mg per 100 g muscle tissue to 0.3-0.5 mg. Full or partial exclusion of carbohydrates the body will react to stress and with the first, after the limitation, the admission will start to sverhmotivirovanny loss — stocking more than before — up to 3-4 g mg. over-compensation is normal, this defensive reaction is enabled when many processes cancel.

Usually, the diet starts 6 days before the start and can take place in different charts— 3:3, 2:4, 2.5:3.5, where the first number is the number of days without carbs, and the second is the number of days of accumulation of carbohydrates. The mode should be individualized, because the organisms are different, and the alternation of one program may not suit everyone.

The main condition in the “carbohydrate-free” days — this exception is any of carbohydrates (cereals, flour, sweet, and unprocessed carbohydrates such as fruits and starchy vegetables). The diets these days make up proteins — poultry, beef, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese. Workout during the diet mainly carried out light — crosses, acceleration, but before the end of the diet you must make a “flame cutting” workout. That is intense, aerobic-anaerobic. Then proceed to carbohydrate accumulation. Another important condition is to eliminate all fatty, spicy and fried food.

Premaratna diet will result and athletes who plan to cover the distance quickly (2 hours, 50 minutes and faster). Those who participate in long races for the first time can and probably should do without it, as the strength and energy to be on my feet to run 4 or more hours will be needed a lot

It is not recommended that alternate protein and carbohydrate diet to those who are only going to take part in the first marathon, it is also contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes and any other diseases. Such a diet will help and will give the result of the athletes who plan to cover the distance quickly (for marathon 42 km 195 m is 2 hours and 50 minutes and faster) . Others, especially those involved in long races for the first time, it is possible to do without it. Even more necessary, as the strength and energy to be on your feet, running about 4 hours (or more) will be considerable. For example, in Cycling, triathlon, ski racing, not all athletes follow this diet and do not greet her. In addition, it is important to remember, dieting is not a complete change of diet, but only a shift of emphasis.

Alexander Kuzin

Master of sports of international class in athletics, repeated champion of Ukraine in cross-country and half-marathon, ex-champion of Ukraine in marathon, participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. The best marathon runner in Europe in 2007 with a time of 2:07.33 (Austria, Linz)

The main task of carbohydrate-protein diet before a marathon is to accumulate a reserve of glycogen in the liver and muscles . Protein diet, training accompanied by loads of medium intensity, lasts 4 days. 3-4 days before the marathon is held high carbohydrate diet and low-intensity workouts, which leads to a comfortable environment and the accumulation of glycogen in the muscles. The goal is simple — to come to the start with the greatest amount of “fuel”.

Menu protein diet before marathon

First day without carbs. Breakfast — black tea or green tea without sugar, cheese or cottage cheese.

Daily menu — cheese, fish, meat, egg protein, caviar, soup. To avoid fried, fried.

Training — running 17-20 km, depending on fitness (professionals run 25km).

Breakfast — black tea or green tea without sugar, cheese or cottage cheese.

Daily menu — cheese, fish, meat, egg protein, caviar, soup. To avoid fried, fried.

Training — running free rate of 8-10 km.

Breakfast — black tea or green tea without sugar, cheese or cottage cheese.

Daily menu — cheese, fish, meat, egg protein, caviar, soup. To avoid fried, fried.

Workout — workout 3-5km, 7-8 accelerations at your own pace for 40 in 2 minutes. If it’s hard — you can go for Jogging or walking, hitch 5-10 minutes.

Night around 9 you can drink tea with sugar and eat a couple of crackers — go to the carbohydrate load.

Breakfast — tea with sugar and crackers or a roll, toast with jam, you can add a spoonful of honey, they do not get involved to marathon the remaining days. After an hour, it is possible to have Breakfast as well.

Training — Jogging at a steady pace for 30-40 minutes. In this day you can all you want, but without busting, better in small portions but after 1:30-2 hours, mostly pasta, rice, low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

Training — you can do a complete rest from running or Jogging, running 25 minutes.

Diet menu for Thursday. It is desirable to eliminate the juices and limit fresh vegetables.

Training – warm-up pace Jogging 4-5 miles, you can do 3-4 acceleration 80-100m, hitch 5 minutes.

Diet menu for Thursday and Friday.

Sunday – race day.

2 hours before the start of Breakfast, a couple of cups of sweet tea and crackers with jam.

And the main thing to remember is the choice of the individual diet . What is acceptable for some, others may be contraindicated. The media and the Internet never cease to describe hard mode, and power runners high class. In most cases, don’t need fans or large “fore”. Include in your diet that tells you your health and experience. Eat what you are used to and never experiment before important competitions.

Photo: Yuliya Chernykh, Dmitry Kovalenko

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