Elliptical trainer Health and harmony

Elliptical trainer: Health and harmony

Reinforced concern about her figure today is inherent not only women but also men. Both sexes spending power, spending hours in the gym with one goal — to make your body more strong, slim and attractive.

However, not all get to regularly visit the gym — and the reason for this can be basic employment. But what about the person who has catastrophically not enough hours in the day to pay attention to yourself and, in particular — a little exercise. Actually there is a solution and it’s pretty simple — you can purchase a simulator, in which you

can do at home at your most convenient time.

Of course, the modern market is rich in various models — and some, especially to the uninitiated people can be quite difficult to opt for any one. As a result — the house enough equipment for a small gym, and overweight as he was, and remains, even despite the rather rigorous training. So what the simulator can help to cope with the extra weight. The answer is simple — you need a so-called elliptical trainer.

What is an elliptical trainer?

Although this type of equipment is relatively new, it already has a market leading position, compared with a more normal treadmill and exercise bike. The essence of his work is pretty simple — a person is on a special pedal and starting the movement. The main difference (and the clear advantage) of elliptical trainers that during training it involved the muscles of the lower and upper parts of the body. However, in fairness, it should be noted that this functionality is not available on all elliptical trainers. Movable arms, mostly, are present only on more expensive models.

What gives a lesson on the elliptical trainer

This simulator is ideal for those wishing to lose weight for many reasons. First of all — it is the maximum utilization of all the major muscles in the body. It is proved that when taking on such a simulator can burn as many calories as the treadmill. But in any case not worth it to replace one machine with another, based solely on the judgment. After treadmill training many complain of pain in the joints. And in the elliptical trainer, where movement when the leg is in a natural position, the load is distributed in a slightly different way. Thus, the classes it is recommended even for those who suffer from diseases of the lower back and joint problems. But on the treadmill the patients of this group to engage in will not.

Another advantage of the elliptical trainer — it can be practiced by people suffering from osteoporosis. Active exercise not only promote weight loss, but also inhibit further progression of the disease. In addition, patients who were engaged in systematically over a sufficiently large time, significant compaction of bone tissue.

In some gyms elliptical trainer is called “cardio”. And it is no accident — in the process of training achieves a sufficiently high heart rate. This significantly strengthens the heart muscle — and this, accordingly, reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attack. In addition, this active work of the heart is also beneficial for blood circulation — as a result, improves metabolism, quickly removed from the body harmful substances.

Of course, most people starting training on the elliptical trainer, pursue exactly the purpose of to quickly lose weight. And it’s really probably most importantly — are regularly and actively engaged. Due to the fact that there is an active work of all the muscles, the process of weight loss will be more quick. To get results, you must exercise for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week. Of course, you can do more — but before you increase the load, it is still recommended to consult with a professional trainer. Describe how many pounds you want to shed, and for what time.

Of course, nobody will say that you significantly lose weight after a week of training. However, if it will exercise quite active, in a month the result will be obvious:

Legs become more slender, are clearly delineated muscle.

For women who are on the elliptical trainer, there is another pleasant “bonus” — the buttocks are becoming more rounded shape.

And even if you are quite satisfied with the weight, after training on the simulator you will notice significant, and for the better, changes in your own body.

Useful lessons on the simulator and for the upper body, and for the press.

A few advantages

In today’s market offers a large variety of elliptical trainers. The prices are also very different — from the “democratic” 100$ to 5000-6000$. But keep in mind that cheap equipment can be not the most good quality. After chasing a small affordable price manufacturer saves, first of all, on quality. That is, after a short time after the start of training, the trainer can start to creak. However, even the average cost of an elliptical trainer is more affordable than a treadmill and an exercise bike.

When purchasing a trainer, it is better to choose a model that has a function for changing the inclination of the plane of motion. Such models allow you to train more muscle groups — accordingly, they actively influence the process of weight loss.

Another advantage of elliptical trainers — in a fairly compact size. They are much smaller than treadmills and Ellipticals. So — better suited for a small room.


Sessions on the elliptical trainer is not recommended for patients with diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes, cancer. In case the patient has the acute form of infectious disease before you start training, you should consult your doctor.

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