Fitness at the office how to stretch the muscles in the workplace

Fitness at the office: how to stretch the muscles in the workplace

Winter came — and even many of those who during the summer was engaged in physical training or running in the morning, switched to the mode of work-home-work. Daylight hours become shorter, temperatures colder, heavier clothing. Muscles numb, sitting at work bored. many would be happy to warm

up, but don’t know how, and do it intuitively. Meanwhile, even sitting in the office to excercise. In our article you will learn what exercises you can do at work and how to do them correctly.

One of the most common complaints is “stiff neck”. We hear this phrase from all over the office, colleagues and acquaintances. People sit at the computer in a certain position all day. According to the ballerina and coach yoga Studio “Yoga live” Eleonora Bogdanova, the body “alive” from top to bottom, so start your business charge need with exercises for the cervical spine. You do not even need to get up from his chair. Each exercise to perform up to 8 times.

1. Gently lower the head down,chin datalimits to the chest, feel the slight traction along the cervical vertebrae. Then move your head back and reach the back of his head to his shoulder blades,pulling the front surface of the neck. Connect the breath. On the exhalation, the head falls forward, inhale back. If there is any pain in the cervical spine, begin to move more quickly,but remember the smoothness of execution.

2. Tilt your head to the right, reaching the ear to the shoulder. Lower your shoulders actively down. Feel the stretching in the lateral surface of the neck,but not strong. Turn your head to the left. And dynamically move the head from one side to the other,accompanying respiration. With an exhale tilt your head on the inhale lift your head to the center position and on the exhale bring it down to the other side.

3. Put your head down and start a circular motion to the right side. Actively lower your shoulders down. Increase range of motion. Don’t forget about the breath. For one circle, you need to make a smooth inhale and exhale. Aware of the sensations in the cervical spine,if there are no strained, the movement speed can be increased. Do the exercise on both the right and left side.

However, completely forgotten about the chair is not necessary-in some exercises he can do a good job in the exercises for the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine. Each exercise to perform up to 8 times.

1. Raise your two hands up, close them in digital castle, palms reach to the ceiling. Then lower your head forward, datalimits the chin to the chest and the hands get back as long as possible, while revealing the underarm to the side. Move your hands into position over the head, with an inhalation, reach your palms to the ceiling and lift the shoulders toward the ears, on the exhale, lower your shoulders without bending your elbows.

2. Sit deeper in the seat to lower back to feel the back of it. Grasp the handles of the chair closer to the back. The chest and lower back – forward, pull on the hands. Blades pinch together and push it closer to the lumbar spine. Pulling the neck, chin lift above its usual position. On the inhale, pull the body forward, and on the exhale take back.

3. Inhaling, raise your two hands up and stretch them. Then on the exhale turn the body to the right side, right hand grasp the back of the chair and left the handle of the chair and help yourself governates. As if you want to see her back. Gently raskruchivayas to the Central position of the housing. Before twisting to the left, don’t forget to pull back raising two hands up.

You also need to pay attention to the abdominal muscles. If you think to develop them in the office, it is impossible, you are mistaken. These exercises will differ from a classical but also useful and, most importantly, doable in an office space. Each exercise to perform up to 8 times.

1. Sit on the middle chair. Hold on to the armrest of the chair, my back is not to find fault with the back of the chair. Pulling back up, draws the thighs of both legs bent at the knees to belly on the inhale. On the exhale, stretch your legs forward so that the angle of the body-legs was 90 degrees.

2. Sitting on the middle chair, holding hands on the armrests and pulling the waist up, move two legs bent hips to the stomach. On the exhale bring the bent legs to the right side,on the inhale lift to the center position. Exhaling, bring the left and on the inhale, return back.

These exercises not only have you been working your abdominal muscles, but also paid attention to the hip joint and knees. Do not forget the legs, which too often fall asleep because of the awkward position under the office Desk. Ankles and feet also need a mini-charge. Each exercise to perform up to 8 times.

1. Take off your shoes. Sitting on a chair with a straight back, lift your feet off the floor, put them at the hip width. Start a circular motion from the feet to the disclosure ( right foot to right, left to left ). Feel the heat in the ankle joint and continue the movement in the other direction.

2. Raise feet off the floor. Imagine that you are the right foot with a force push on the pedal, return it to its previous position. The same follow with the left foot and so rotate ( right-left ). Increase speed of movement.

3. Put your heels on the floor, and the foot – on. Toes spread as wide as possible, and then squeeze them. Perhaps in the beginning of the movement you will feel the clicks, but in the process they will disappear.

It remains to answer the main question: how often should you do so. According to our expert, the technique is mainly intended for people willing to devote exercise time each and every working day. This will allow you to feel more energetic, to avoid stiffness and muscle pain. In addition, physical education will dilute the monotony of the working day. Usually people come out of the office for lunch only. But the body needs not only food and calories, but also movement. When exercising in the office should also remember two important details:

1. no intense exercise because in the shower you will get soon

2. no sharp exercises and Mach with a large amplitude (you’re in work clothes, which often is not adapted).

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