Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep

T testirovanie for those who decided to conduct a cleansing of the body. >>

Very important and useful information!

This is all you need to know!

This insidious disease is the disease of the century, such as diabetes,

pancreatitis in most cases have a parasitic roots (trematode cattle), eczema and psoriasis – a disease associated with lack of silicon, which absorb parasites . settled in the human body .

In the process of its development , the parasite is visited by almost all the organs of our body, depriving us of energy, shorten life.

Being in the body in large quantities, parasites may cause sufficient loss of blood that leads to lack of iron (anemia), both in adults and in children.

Anemia causes Trichomonas and other microparasites that feed on the blood cells.

Trichomonas also eats sperm that causes impotence . She swallows them like red blood corpuscles.

Parasites . any simple infection, incapacitate self-regulation and immune protection of the organism.

If the parasite living in your body, lays eggs in the period when checks (mainly faeces), his presence will go unnoticed. Only on live drop of blood, a method of live blood analysis will show the real result!

Don’t delay cleansing. and don’t let the appearance of chronic diseases! All illnesses from toxins and parasites.

Recommend – e effective a program of cleansing from parasites without harming the health.

Want to sleep peacefully? Anyone who suffers from sleep disorder must know about this!

Healthy sleep is an essential part of good health.

Since he is himself a physician treats the disease, the cause of which in our tense.

You again all night looked at the ceiling and fell asleep in the morning? You fall asleep again in the workplace? You seriously thinking that today and the same thing again? Then this article is for you!

The house is a cozy haven where we are always happy to return. Coming home from work, we hope to have a good rest, that will be unavailable to all the troubles that we are satisfied with superiors, colleagues and partners.

But from family problems, blockages at work and constant fatigue many of us suffer from a lack of healthy sleep. And how to be a man if he can’t gain strength for the next day? Social and psychological factors cause stress and depression, and they immediately bring to your house the other intruder – “insomnia”, and with it the voltage. This dramatically reduces efficiency and quality of life. Not surprising, because the peace is the first condition of psychological health, and without it no one can boast high success in any sphere of life.

Doubt? Then look at the average modern woman. Lyudmila B. 37 years, from morning till evening she goes gloomy, focus on themselves and closed. Now let’s “to overhear them” her thoughts:

“The husband is doing that works. Dashka me soon with my mind. Again in his diary the words: “Your daughter is not sociable and whiny – urgently take action!”. “Take action!” What would take action if the child’s first love. The chief talks a lot: “You’re not doing enough! You’re not doing enough”. I would look at him, if he had a lot of problems. And I get up at half past six, and at night and can’t sleep from all this. But work really don’t want to, and only thought about one thing: to sleep, to eat and to see my children and husband all was well. I can’t wait for lunch!”

Are you familiar with such thoughts? Admit that at work, you often think about domestic issues! Of course, as you can work quietly, if so many problems, and inside this storm?

What are your complaints?

The most mysterious disease. No one can say exactly what is insomnia. Insomnia is often called any sleep disturbances. Today it is considered one of the most studied disorders of the nervous system. And it’s not always clear where to start their eradication. First of all, you should determine the cause of poor sleep. Find it difficult, because it may be some deep psychological or physiological processes. Sometimes the cause of sleep disorders is long hours, shift work, frequent travel and change time zones.

To treat insomnia is very difficult. Still have not defined what it is – a symptom, a syndrome or a distinct disease. The treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders strong drugs can be avoided. Sometimes, to sleep peacefully, you need to eliminate the obvious causes of sleep disorders: a 12-hour working day to replace the 8-hour, effectively to build a schedule for the day, to devote time to physical exercise and fresh air, and, most importantly, try not to worry about what you cannot change.

It is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. And if you cannot change the conditions in which you live, change your attitude towards them. Think for example about that in the next few years, the son will remain a bully, and winter is also unlikely to be warmer. And stop worrying about it. Look at “problems” from a different perspective: rejoice that my son had a strong character, and that you can go skiing and sculpt with children snowman.

Another way to help yourself get to sleep and relax, it is adherence to the rules of “sleep hygiene”. To do this:

to stop active physical and intellectual activity for 1-2 hours before bedtime,

go to bed at the same time

to ensure that the sleeper was comfortable,

ventilate the bedroom and make sure that it was not too hot and not too cold

to come up with a daily ritual before going to sleep: reading books, taking a bath, evening walk.

To solve sleep problems and excessive tension is difficult, but it is possible if you choose a reliable assistant. Especially for those who could not sleep, wakes up at night, suffering a headache, sees disturbing dreams, irritable during the day and for those who have reduced working capacity and stress resistance, developed capsules with sedative effects “Gorevic”.

“Gorevic” is ideal for those who:

Suffers sleep disturbance,

Can’t relieve the tension,

Suffering from headaches,

Has a busy schedule,

Has irregular working hours,

Forced to frequently change time zones,

Hard at work in the intellectual sphere,

Exposed to stressful situations,

In leadership positions

With a lot of responsibility for their decisions.

In other words, the product is suitable for all active people whose work schedule prevents them to switch off from work to rest and give your body a chance to relax. In addition, “Gorevic” effective as an adjunct in rehabilitation after stroke, traumatic brain injury, neuritis.

“This is a new sedative works so well that I bought him to the chief”

After “Glorifica” people’s lives dramatically change for the better. Not surprising, because the peace is the first condition of psychological health, and without it no one can boast high success in any sphere of life.

Remember our heroine? Now let’s see what she thinks after taking the course “Gorevic”:

“Mmm… What a lovely weather! Outside the window, the cold, and feels like it is spring already. Dashka-my all grown up, and so beautiful! My husband from day to day increasing, likely, maybe, buy a new car, and that’s really old. But why the other is so gloomy. And poor head and look sad: such bruises under his eyes was long! Here’s who should drink “Gorevic””

You feel the difference? Constant feeling of anxiety and fear that something is wrong, don’t allow you to live life to the full! And the lack of healthy sleep literally binds you. While you look sleepily in the morning to your computer, your colleagues conclude your deals! Think about it!

And at this time the chief was thinking about work… or tried:

“Write a plan for the week and send a report to Moscow… and the truck in Kaliningrad… or to Volgograd… or to Penza?… When will it end. Probably would break again a splitting headache. And maybe go to sleep for an hour? I won’t sleep anyway. Only time will lose. This time will take the strongest painkillers. And won’t keep your ulcer! It is impossible to tolerate! So in Penza or to Volgograd?…”

Headache and lack of sleep cause confused thoughts, decreased concentration and performance, appears fatigue, irritability, vulnerability. Moreover, the body is constantly under stress from continuous quantities “chemical” painkillers, which can lead to stomach problems and liver… wouldn’t it be easier to take a product that are based on natural ingredients, harmless and has a pronounced effect? The head of our heroine is high time to drink “Gorevic”, till the company went bankrupt, and the wife is not left to a balanced man.


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