How to breathe correctly while running the secrets of experienced athletes

How to breathe correctly while running

Proper running technique involves several components, the strict observance of which will bring the expected benefits from sports. Not only is it important to learn to move his feet properly and to keep the position of the body, but you must master the technique of proper breathing. Experts put forward several different theories concerning how to breathe properly when running, but they all agree that the breathing should be natural, unhindered, easy and free.

Types of breathing

There are three types of breathing, each of which has its advantages.

View 1. With compressed lips inhale and exhale through the nose. The benefits of this type: inhaled air is humidified and heated while passing through the mucosa, respectively, reduces the risk of hypothermia respiratory tract.

Type 2. Breath, hold your nose, exhale ’ s mouth. Such breathing will not allow breathing through hypothermia and at the same time, allows the body to completely clear from internal gases.

3. Inhale and exhale through the mouth. It ’ s natural and effortless breathing.

Nose breathing (type 1) is recognized as the optimal solution when performing intense physical exertion. Novice runners should start the conquest of distances from the second type of breathing. One breath should be spent on step 2, and one exhalation is done in 2 steps.

The secrets of healing breath

In the first weeks of training, the athlete is quite difficult to focus on your breathing, after all, have to artificially hold in proper position the housing body, to think about where to put his feet and how to move her hands. Therefore it is not necessary at the initial stage to focus on the breathing process, you just need to breathe naturally. The main thing that should be learned at the races, especially at long distances — to breathe with your stomach. Gradually, having mastered the second method of breathing, you need to practice the technique of breathing through the nose.

Experienced athletes are advised to breathe from your diaphragm or lower abdomen. Learn this breathing, practicing first at rest and then while walking. Technique is pretty simple: make slowly a deep breath, “inflate” of the stomach. Slow calm breath followed by “retraction” belly.

If in mastering the art of nasal breathing you will have the feeling of shortness of breath, then slow down the pace and continue to quietly do the breath through the nose. If you feel the urgent need to take a deep breath through the mouth, the body informs on the oxygen starvation. In this situation, you should definitely visit a few minutes to breath through the mouth.

Do not forget when training to run a little warm-up, during which the body adapts to the new requirements, and all systems are prepared to increased loads.

Performing heavy cross, for example running on a hilly surface, effectively use yogic techniques – “fire breath”. Calmly breathe in through the nose, do not hurry forcefully exhale through the mouth.

Remember to breath when driving in the cold season should be entirely nasal! Making breaths through your mouth, you risk SuperCool and contaminate the airway. Breathing through her mouth, you “swallow” harmful microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, which are deposited on the tonsils, quickly paradisacorbasi on the trachea, bronchi and lungs. The result are often caused by colds, viral, infectious disease.

It is worth emphasizing proper breathing not only allows easier, faster, and longer to run, but helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the entire body.

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