How to choose the right trainer for your home

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How to choose the right equipment for home

O ne of the most popular simulators on the market is the treadmill. Very

often it is classified as cardio. It is no coincidence, as the correct use of the sports equipment, strengthens the cardiovascular system and leg muscles, and improves overall endurance.

Any treadmill for the home consists of a handrail and a rotating belt. Mechanical simulator involves the rotation of the belt through the efforts of the user. Such a device simulator best mimics the natural running, but not suitable for people with any foot injuries. The cost of the treadmill mechanical type significantly below the track, equipped with an electric motor.

In electrical tracks for movement of the walking belt uses a special motor, and you will not need to exert extra effort. The cloth simulator will move with a given speed. Simulators of this type have a multifunctional control panel and are significantly more expensive than mechanical.

When choosing a treadmill you need to pay additional attention to its functionality. Standard indicators are: speed, heart rate, workout time and distance so far. Tracks with a large number of indicators, equipped with additional programs are sold at a higher price. If the track is equipped with a security key – it will add to her attractiveness in the eyes of the buyer. This key is associated with a special lace with belt that the user wears. In case of a fall, the lanyard will pull out the key and will automatically stop the machine. This useful option can help to avoid injuries.

Elliptical trainers were invented relatively recently, in the mid-90s and are a kind of symbiosis of stepper, treadmill and stationary bike. From other these trainers features the creation of high loads on the muscles of the feet and the minimum on the joints and spine.

Elliptical trainer for home – universal shell for endurance training the body. Constant proper training on the elliptical trainer is able to increase the aerobic capacity of a person by about 20-25%. The aerobic capacity of the body – is the ability of the body during exercise to provide the muscles with oxygen, which allows you postpone fatigue.

Movement in an elliptical path not only pleasant but also less traumatic than other types of exercise. Bent leg position gives the main load to the muscles and minimizes stress on the joints. When you practice this sport shell distributes the load on the abdominals, spinal and gluteal muscles. On the elliptical trainer, you can go not only forward but also backward. The availability of this function gives the possibility to work muscle groups that do not receive the load on other types of simulators .

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