How to do it on the ellipsoid

The work of modern men less and less associated with prolonged physical exertion, but because the question of the choice of gym and exercise equipment is, for those who want to look attractive, key. One of the most popular cardio equipment of the XXI century — elliptic.

In its structure are connected by a treadmill, an exercise bike and trainer-stepper that allows you to fully train a male body, developing strength and endurance. 3 in 1: skiing, running, Biking.

Due to the fact that the design of elliptical trainer reduces the strain on joints, you can effectively strengthen the muscles of the legs, without

running and jumping. In addition, as stated by the manufacturers, the user can do one simulator and not three: Cycling, running at different speeds or walking the steps, one after another, will not let you get bored during your workout.

Despite the rather complex process technology, these machines are compact and mobile, allowing you to place them not only in sports institutions, but also at home.

The use of the simulator can replace your morning jog, ski trips and many gymnastic exercises, which are very often simply not enough time.

Elliptical trainers are divided into three groups. The first mechanical elliptical trainer. It has one slight drawback was the noise during operation. However, this disadvantage is compensated by its relatively low cost. The price of such equipment does not exceed 12 thousand rubles.

Electromagnetic — the most expensive but also the most advanced elliptical trainer, running completely silently. It is equipped with a control system of kilometres driven and the program that calculates the degree of stress. There is such a simulator is not less than 30 thousand rubles.

Magnetic elliptical trainer is a great option for those who like to go comfortably, but not ready to part with a large sum of money. In exchange for an additional fee you will get a less noisy device with enhanced smoothness and the ability to adjust the load, seeing all the options on the display.

Thanks to “smart” stuffing simulators will ensure a reasonable load on the human body, helps to tighten stomach to strengthen the abs, to make the skin firm and elastic.

For your own money you will allow yourself to define not only the training time, but also passed during this time, the path, calories, and resistance level.

Consultants of the shop “Sportmaster” when choosing elliptical trainer offer their customers to pay attention to such parameter as the weight of the flywheel. The heavier it is, the stronger the inertial rotation, the better to do on the simulator. Cheap trainers flywheels weigh no more than 6 kg. For comparison, the device of Kettler have the flywheel mass 14 kg. the Cost of such equipment not less than 30 thousand rubles.

Elliptical machine usually weighs about 50 kg. Vendors are advised to install it on the heated balcony: then the workout will bring a much greater effect.

“The benefits of elliptical trainer no less than on the treadmill, says fitness trainer Extreme Fitness club Kirill Ignatiev. But the benefits from its use will be more. First, less strain on the knees. Secondly, the track gives the load only on the lower part of the body, and ellipsoids — and on top”.

As explained by the coach, if you’re too tired to move my legs, with the treadmill you have to leave. Exercising on the elliptical trainer, you can take the levers and work them like ski poles, loading the muscles of the arms and back “Hand can be pulled — then loaded back and biceps, or to push myself — then work your triceps and biceps, and pectoral muscles”.

According to Cyril Ignatyev, use an elliptical trainer can even at home, even in the fitness room. It should be understood that the risk to do the exercises wrong in the home environment increases.

“There are guys who come into the room, stand on the ellipsoid and instead put pressure on the pedal exerciser muscle strength of the legs, pull hard on the pedal body. As bears waddle.

This is wrong. If you step hard, need to adjust the equipment so that the disk is spinning from the effort. Another common mistake when training at such a simulator is a wrong statement stops. To make sure that the heel never got off the pedal,” said the coach.

When discussing the problems of home workouts Kirill Ignatiev said that the most important thing here is to not lose the determination on the way to a beautiful body: “We bought an exercise bike for my grandmother. It is three days finished studying. Now on the seat sleeping cat on the handle she hangs the coat. In the ellipsoid seat no. For the cat it is useless. But there are two high handles”.

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