How to overcome the critical barrier of the process of losing weight

How to overcome the critical barrier of the process of losing weight

Almost everyone wants to lose weight reaches its critical point, where the process of weight loss stops, in spite of active fitness session. The reason for this is our body, as it works hard for what would have to produce, to consume and to balance energy. To be precise, just your body no longer wants to lose weight. After the first steps to losing weight and the first good results, in the future you will notice that the extra weight is not so easy to lose, eventually, you won’t lose weight even with

exercise for weight loss and proper nutrition. The point is that the more effort you make to burn more calories, it may slow down the process of weight loss.

Issue 1: reducing the number of calories consumed

To burn calories, the same as calories. Analyze when you reduce the caloric content of their diet), your body also lowers the rate of metabolism. It allows the body continues to function normally, but eventually your body will require less calories which creates hunger and prevents the process of weight loss.

The solution to this problem: Not too decrease the number of calories consumed. Reduce to such a level that your metabolism and energy remained high. The deficit of 500-700 more calories a lot harder supports your lean muscle mass. Determine the approximate amount of daily consumption of calories will help the following formula:

For men: Your weight (kg) ×24= calories per day

For women: Your weight (kg) ×23= kcal per day

You can calculate the Basic scale of metabolism. to determine how many calories you have to spend a day, then use a calorie calculator. add all the calories you burn during the day and using different exercises.

Issue 2: Loss of muscle mass

Muscles help burn more calories, and if your muscle mass decreases, automatically burning less calories. Just losing weight, you lose excess calories as fat when you lose it, your metabolism will decrease, and the process of weight loss will start to significantly slow down.

The solution to this problem: make Sure you follow a balanced program that includes exercise and proper nutrition. For more effective weight loss can add a diet that involves a safe calorie deficit along with some types of Polyvitamin, to help the body with any deficiencies of nutrients.

Problem 3: Loss of excess weight

How can this be? After all, I thought that’s what we strive for! But you overlooked the fact that dropping weight, your body needs fewer calories to function. Losing any amount of weight will lead to lower energy requirements.

Tip: make Sure you started (continued) program with exercise for weight loss to increase lean body mass, which can help to compensate for the lost calories.

Problem 4. The end of a phase of “Adaptation”

When you start doing new exercises, your body is susceptible to change as he will need to overcome numerous factors to adapt to this workload. In this case, your muscles begin to restore themselves, spending all kinds of calories. But once your muscles get used to the program, they begin to expend fewer calories on exercise.

Tip: it is Best not to use the exact same training program, change it from time to time, so your body gets used to this workload. Changing the intensity, duration, frequency or mode of exercise, you support the adaptation period of your muscles.

Problem 5: the Effectiveness of exercise for weight loss

The longer you are in something, the better and more professional you become. When your body gets used to certain exercises, subsequently, uses less calories to perform them. Here think, very often, trained athletes expend less calories than not prepared on the same exercises, even if they have the same body structure. So if you are interested in and you consider yourself an athlete with experience, please read on!

Tip: the Output is the same as in problem number four; try to diversify and from time to time to change your exercise program. Be more active and creative, try to modify your exercises. For example, if you have a whole week you jog on a treadmill, then replace it with an exercise bike.

Problem 6: Overdoing workouts

Malnutrition can lead to reducing the number of calories your body burns during the day, the same can happen if you exercise beyond normal. When you exercise too much, there is a point of descending, when expended energy on the exercises increases, it negatively affects the flow of forces that are not designed for exercise. In other words, when you increase the intensity of your exercises, your body reacts by reducing the number of calories you burn during the rest of the day.

Tip: Allow yourself a few days to rest. If you were doing a few days intensively and burned enough calories, you need to think about a little break for a few days, try doing something easy, such as yoga or stretching exercises. After you recover, you can return to your exercise, but it is necessary to increase the load a bit.

Issue 7: Improving your physical condition

When you have improved your fitness, your body expends fewer calories during the training. Improving your health means lower metabolism and in the course of normal daily activities burned fewer calories. This is partly because your cardio-pulmonary system to become more healthy and at rest heart rate decreases.

Tip: Our congratulations. You have reached a good shape and excellent health. Focus on that, be proud of yourself. Think about how to diversify your workouts.

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