Morning exercise generated useful habit since childhood

Morning exercise: form a useful habit since childhood

Perhaps one of the most helpful habits that serve in good stead throughout a person’s life, is morning exercises. The word “charging” indicates some kind of nourishment, in this case morning exercise provides us with energy, invigorates the body and makes a real Wake up.

Start the morning with movements, physical activity, which is lacking in the modern pace of life, even to children – undoubtedly, it is necessary and even essential. In addition, a useful “bonus” from the charge is in a good mood, and this will agree, the basis of the coming day.

Caring parent, it is important to instill such a useful habit to your child as early as possible. If every morning your child will learn to perform a number of simple physical exercises, it will become a necessity, like brushing your teeth .

If the child attends kindergarten, morning exercises, he will perform together with other guys in the gym or at another appropriate location. However, on weekends parents need to overcome laziness and desire a little longer to lie in bed and together with the child to perform a series of simple exercises. By the way, adults will benefit is the effect you will feel. Motion is life, so in a way!

Brief recommendations on conducting morning exercises: what, where, when?


There are different sets of exercises. You need to master those exercises that are most like you and your child. However, all of these complexes have common elements. The first couple of minutes is spent on the simplest exercises, such as walking in place, etc. Then you can start to make turns the torso and head tilts in different directions, squats, jumping in place.

If desired, you can vary the exercises performed on the ball, skipping rope, which when folded will serve gymnastic sticks. You might come up with something. To finish the exercises have exercises normalizing your breathing.

By the way, the charging can be turned into a game. If some of the exercises over time bored, you can invent your own and to beat this (for example, an exercise which is called “chopping wood”, “Heron” or “scissors”).


In order to charge correctly and give the most useful effect, you must open the window to ventilate the room, and in the summer you can get some fresh air in the garden, on the balcony and in the yard.

In accordance with certain conditions you need to dress your baby, just keep in mind the fact that charging is physical activity, which itself has a warming effect. So dress your child in charge moderately. After exercise for children and adults equally beneficial water treatments.


The effect of the charge would only be the case if it will be daily! Highlight every morning for 10-15 minutes to exercise. Even if you are in a hurry. or be lazy.

Get ready for charging!

Do morning exercises with your child, encourage him by their example. Make during a morning exercise he enjoyed, felt the joy that you will see on his face.

Make an effort to arouse children’s interest: think of something unusual, celebrate their achievements and say them to yourself in a reasonable form of praise, then with time in the morning, the child will begin to do the exercises without the need of your control and intentions. Take a step to the health of your child!

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