Nordic Walking

Walk to health, Nordic walking

Using a stick for pushing off when walking, you can get to work the muscles of the upper torso, and the benefits of fresh air increases significantly. This sport is called “Nordic walking”.

Fort worth, Texas. When researchers Superscope Institute (Cooper Institute), Dallas, found that Nordic walking increases calorie burning by 20% compared with ordinary walking, they decided that the new sport will become popular among people leading a healthy lifestyle, and simple exposure to fresh air will turn into a real workout.

“In Finland, you will see many people walking this way,” says Dr. Tim Church (Tim Church, a former Director of Superscope Institute. He led the 2002 study, which showed that the use of such poles increases the burning of calories and oxygen consumption. The Church and some of the other research participants lost more than 40% of calories, while maintaining a normal walking speed, the average indicator is 20%.

“It’s very easy,” said Church, “the more muscle mass involved, the more oxygen is consumed, and the weight decreases. When you walk you use a cane, working your arms and neck, that is, increases the load on different muscle groups”.

Now Church – Director of the preventive medical research in Pennington (Pennington) biomedical research center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a huge scientific diet center in the world. Church co-author of the new book “Move” (“Move Yourself”). We asked him and other people about this sport.

Q: What is Nordic walking?

A: Nordic walking is walking with poles when walking, they are forced to work the upper body. This is the most effective exercise that requires no special effort. This sport was invented in Scandinavia in the 1930s for summer training skiers involved in a cross-country runner.

Q: How to use the cane?

A: It’s easy to learn. You drag sticks to itself and repel each other, leaning on them. Movement of the skier. The load is more evenly distributed through the body, no hands, no feet are not overloaded. (By the way, the canes are sold with written or video instructions).

Q: What is special about these sticks?

A: They are longer and easier than ordinary walking sticks. They have a removable pointed tip for soft surfaces and small rubber boots for use on asphalt or concrete. The length of some specimens may be regulated, but more reliable fixed length, the size of the canes from 42 to 54 inches.

I can say that the difference between normal walking and these canes are not so great. As a rule, walking canes are shorter and are designed to keep the balance. But some of them are multifunctional and can be used also for Nordic walking. It depends on your choice.

Q: What people say, practicing this kind of walking?

A: “You can use these sticks anywhere. I walk them two or three times a week, usually next to lake Benbrook (Benbrook)”, – told us Caleb. – “For me it is entertainment, these sticks help me keep my form.”

“You feel that all the muscles are involved, but the main burden will get back,” says a friend Kalba Dave Cady.

“Wellness walking is the simplest, affordable and little-known method of physical training,” says Rick Faulkner, the businessman, a resident of Fort worth.

Q: But there is still some benefit from these canes?

A: Canes added confidence therefore this sport is especially popular among the elderly. Agree, a dog or a burglar is unlikely to attack if you’re holding those sticks,” says Church.

Q: And where can they be purchased?

A: LEKI and Exel – a huge factory producing walking sticks. They are sold in pairs in specialized stores. Price of$100-200.

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