Nordic walking for weight loss.

Nordic walking for weight loss

Nordic walking with sticks still for many is a gimmick, although this sport has long been known. But recently Nordic walking began to actively develop women who seek to lose weight and bring the body into shape. And no wonder, because it is proven that Nordic walking for weight loss is one of the best options.

Nordic walking has a number of advantages over various other sports, including running. It is very effective and less traumatic than running. so it is possible not only in poor physical shape, but also in old age.

The effectiveness of Nordic walking is proven. Due to the presence of poles during the classes you can use 90% of the muscles of the body. Unlike regular Nordic walking allows you to burn 45% more calories (again due to the presence of poles). Nordic walking is much more effective for burning excess weight than normal running. Moreover, doctors insist on doing Nordic walking, as there is no undue stress on the joints as running.

A few words about the gear for Nordic walking: you only need the sticks and any clothing in which will do. To determine the appropriate length of the rods. multiply your height by 0.7. The output will be the optimal length of the rods for you. If you want to increase the burden on the upper body during walking. Then you need to stick a little longer. Beginners need to learn with conventional sticks, and only then proceed with longer.

Learn the technique of Nordic walking with sticks is very simple. In General, it is no different from ordinary walk except for a few points :

while walking, keep your back straight, do not slouch and do not podalydes the body forward;

go to a normal rhythm, you don’t have to choke;

while driving put the right stick at the same time as the left foot touches the ground, and Vice versa;

while driving not drag sticks along. The stick should push on the ground to completely break away and not drag on the ground;

squeeze the brush at the time when the hand is in motion in front of him, then relax a brush;

don’t make too slow movements, otherwise the walk will not bring the desired result.

The duration of the first training sessions should not exceed 20-25 minutes. When you master the technique of Nordic walking, you can add a variety of exercises that will help you increase the burden on the body. “ynohtna” walk, move simultaneously when the left arm and leg, then right arm and leg, jumping, running, wide step.

During the lessons follow the intensity of the walk. Easiest way to test it with this test: if you no sadeski can pronounce a phrase of 5 words, then you have a normal intensity. To increase the effect of weight loss, you must increase the intensity of training. It is calculated according to the maximum heart rate (MCSS):

For women: 226 minus your age in years;

for men: 220 minutes your age in years.

According to the data obtained, and depending on the degree of preparation, adjust the optimum load for you. So, for starters she is 50-60% of MCSS. To achieve the effect of weight loss burden should vary in the range of 60-70% from MCSS.

From time to time, measure your heart rate, so that the load was within normal limits.

Although Nordic walking sticks are very effective for weight loss, some from it will have to be abandoned because of the contraindications. First you can’t train during a cold, flu or any other acute respiratory diseases. You can’t train after abdominal operations (if only the doctor would not permit physical activity). Also avoid walking with sticks in case of aggravation of cardiovascular diseases, problems with the kidneys and joints.

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