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Promote sports, healthy lifestyle and sharing experience

Promote sports, healthy lifestyle and sharing experience

Club Favorite fitness” celebrated his birthday.

About him I can safely say, a large not for years: hundreds of satisfied customers, active social life and big plans for the future.

– We are 3 years old. Actually it’s not much, but already a lot, ” smiled the Manager Natalia Dementieva. – We have done a great job. We spent more than eighty events, including regional importance. They are all aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles. I encourage all those who haven’t

started to do sports, to join our team.

To congratulate the staff of the club was joined by honorable guests.

– The guys from “Favorite fitness” take part in all our sporting events, – said the head of administration of Orenburg Evgeny Arapov. – At the district level, they are irreplaceable. They are always active, cheerful, happy, athletic, and, indeed, of them are infected with energy. The number of children and their parents here today, I understand that they find a common ground Continue reading

Physical activity how to engage in different age

Norms of physical activity for people of all ages

The intensity and type of physical activity should be selected taking into account the person’s age. Why you should consider this indicator? First of all, change with age endurance and physical capabilities of the body and the exercises that benefit in 30 years, after 40 can have a negative impact on health.

Moreover, change with age, the human interests – not every child can be interested in walking the stairs, and for most teenagers would be

uninteresting work in the garden. But without a correct motivation to force someone to start doing sports is almost impossible.

World health organization made recommendations on physical Continue reading

Sex and physical activity during menstruation (monthly)

Sex and physical activity during menstruation

Many modern women are wondering whether you can have sex during menstruation. Not less important question – whether to interrupt the sport in this period. Next, let’s talk more about this.

Sex during menstruation – what is important to know

For many couples sex in this period is a closed subject, because the majority of women feel discomfort. However, to make love in that period. Of course, partners will have to comply with hygienic norms. As you know,

making love during this period is able to deliver both women and men, new pleasant sensations. Some girls feel in this case even more pleasure, than in usual days. This can be explained by the fact that the vagina is well hydrated. In addition, a better flow of blood to the organs provides better sensitivity.

During sexual intercourse during menstruation women often experience an orgasm, which can relieve Continue reading

How to choose the right trainer for your home

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How to choose the right equipment for home

O ne of the most popular simulators on the market is the treadmill. Very

often it is classified as cardio. It is no coincidence, as the correct use of the sports equipment, strengthens the cardiovascular system and leg muscles, and improves overall endurance.

Any treadmill for the home consists of a handrail and a rotating belt. Mechanical simulator involves the rotation of the belt through the efforts of the user. Such a device simulator best mimics the natural Continue reading

The problem of improving the special endurance of wrestlers

The problem of improving the special endurance of wrestlers

The modern level of athletic achievement requires focused training athletes, the search for more efficient organizational forms, means and methods of training. One of the main challenges facing coaches in the sports of wrestling and, in particular, combat Sambo, is to increase the special endurance athletes.

From a pedagogical point of view, good special endurance is characterized by

the ability of active wrestler in high pace to fight with the use of a greater variety of effective tactical actions. This assumes that the body of a fighter capable of rapid recovery and readiness to conduct the same battle after the interval between contractions (A. A. Ruziev, 2001, p. 36).

In combat Sambo combines speed and power working with static stress, it develops strength, speed, agility. Wrestlers Continue reading

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