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The back straight. Talk about scoliosis

Some doctors believe that scoliosis is not a disease, but an individual characteristic of the skeleton. But what to call “individual feature” hunched back, which in different directions and at different levels stick out of the blade? Trouble and only. Scoliosis spoils the figure! Nothing can spoil the impression of the woman as a slouch! But all this is fixable. It would wish. (more…)

What is parkour and its use

Every mother knows how valuable the health of the child. We spend a lot of time and effort to give children only the best. Concern about their health is one of the main parental responsibilities. (more…)

Health and youth in the magical rhythm of the dance

Everybody knows how good the dance is performed by a professional can affect the emotional state of the viewer. We also know that dance classes Continue reading

Proper diet and physical activity

Proper diet and exercise

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During the fruit diet playle sports fruits contain vitamin K, which positively affects the condition of the muscles and makes physical activity more effective. We want to lose weight but want to eat meat. After this scrub feel. The correct diet will help you to control your daily diet. But it all turned out fine, it is only necessary dryness to suffer. Further

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If you don’t want impatience to see how hateful pounds come back, you should lose weight gradually, rebuilding your metabolism to function properly, giving preference to healthy eating and gods way of life. During the fruit diet recommended exercise fruits contain vitamin K, which positively Continue reading

Nordic walking for weight loss.

Nordic walking for weight loss

Nordic walking with sticks still for many is a gimmick, although this sport has long been known. But recently Nordic walking began to actively develop women who seek to lose weight and bring the body into shape. And no wonder, because it is proven that Nordic walking for weight loss is one of the best options.

Nordic walking has a number of advantages over various other sports, including running. It is very effective and less traumatic than running. so it is possible not only in poor physical shape, but also in old age.

The effectiveness of Nordic walking is proven. Due to the presence of poles during the classes you can use 90% of the muscles of the body. Unlike regular Nordic walking allows you to burn 45% more calories (again due to the presence of poles). Nordic walking is much more effective for burning excess weight than normal running. Continue reading

What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components

What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components

What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components? This is a concern for almost every person, seeking to preserve and strengthen their health. If earlier it was considered that it is enough to do physical exercises and adhere to a specific diet, but now the concept of healthy lifestyles revised and updated to incorporate the latest advances and discoveries in medicine, sociology and psychology.

The content

What he thinks about the who?

According to the world health organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Accordingly, a healthy lifestyle, according to the who definition, is “optimal quality of life, defined by a motivated human behavior aimed at the preservation and promotion of health in terms of exposure to natural and social environmental Continue reading

Swimming during beremennosti

Swimming during pregnancy

Everyone knows the benefits of swimming. Earlier opponents resisted this occupation during pregnancy, but at this time, experts consider them to be the payload. The doctors are now recommended for almost all future mums swimming lessons, because it is one of the correct types of physical activity, and for pregnant women balanced exercise just needed.


A woman’s body in the water receives maximum relaxation with minimum risk of

injury, and the muscles are subjected to a uniform load. Any load is given in the water easier, and tiring exercises too much that is important for the mother and for the baby.

The benefits of swimming for pregnant

Swimming pool activities help in the development of all groups of muscles involved in childbirth is the back muscles, the muscles of the perineum, abdomen, pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor. Experts believe that women who are constantly engaged in swimming, give birth to a better and much faster, they have Continue reading

Sports injuries how to avoid them
Sports injuries: how to avoid them Sports to be useful, you need to follow some rules, you can protect yourself from injury. Pain – almost an integral component of athletic…

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The technique of baseball.
Many short-sighted players believe that the team in attack is just a beating. You must clearly define what it is not so. Skillful and fast players on the bases often…

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Characteristics of a healthy person.
Characteristics of a healthy person. Experimental pathology Thus, for healthy people the most characteristic: - dynamic equilibrium (stable equilibrium) of the body and the external environment; - ability of organism…

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