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Nordic Walking

Walk to health, Nordic walking

Using a stick for pushing off when walking, you can get to work the muscles of the upper torso, and the benefits of fresh air increases significantly. This sport is called “Nordic walking”.

Fort worth, Texas. When researchers Superscope Institute (Cooper Institute), Dallas, found that Nordic walking increases calorie burning by 20% compared with ordinary walking, they decided that the new sport will become popular among people leading a healthy lifestyle, and simple exposure to fresh air will turn into a real workout.

“In Finland, you will see many people walking this way,” says Dr. Tim Church (Tim Church, a former Director of Superscope Institute. He led the 2002 study, which showed that the use of such Continue reading

Physiological ergogenic

Physiological ergogenic means: Oxygen support

In the body to provide muscle activity there are three energy systems performing at different speeds, the resynthesis of ATP is the immediate energy source for muscle contraction. For the functioning of one of them, namely, oxygen systems of power supply, of course, requires oxygen, which is in the processes of biological oxidation is used to transform the chemical energy contained in carbohydrates and fats, into energy ATP. Therefore athletes to achieve optimal level of aerobic endurance is important to have a high potential for aerobic energy mechanisms.

The results of numerous studies indicate that the indicators of aerobic endurance can be significantly reduced if the flow of oxygen in the body is limited.

If the low oxygen in the body, or hypoxia, causes a decrease in aerobic endurance, the additional consumption of oxygen, or hyperoxia can increase her.

Thus, the theoretical basis for the use of oxygen “support” as ergogenic means is to increase oxygen delivery Continue reading

The impact of exercise on the organism of children of preschool age

The impact of exercise on the organism of children of preschool age

For systematic learning in school children, as we know, it is important to have good health, a sufficient level of development of physical qualities, the experience of adaptation of the organism to changing environmental conditions, including physical activity.

Among the most important in physical education today faces the problems associated with the intensification of the process of education, low status of children’s health, age and gender peculiarities of adaptation of the organism to various physical stress, enhanced functionality,

optimization of physical activity.

In physical education and development of preschool children there are a number of problems, among which is the lack of unified curriculum, ideology and strategy in solving health care problems by means of physical culture. A number Continue reading

Diet diet before marafona

Diet: diet before marathon

The human diet always affects his health and well-being. Meal plan for several weeks to participate in the race, especially before a marathon is no exception.  find out what premaratna diet who need it, and how you should eat before a run to achieve the desired result.

Daily menu affects your tone, energy, and, accordingly, the results of participation in competitions. Overeating, starvation, the choice of

“infidels”, which is unusual for body products or following a strict diet is a typical beginner’s mistakes.

The marathon is very long distance, which imposes a large athlete requirements both in terms of endurance and psychological preparedness. For a marathon runner weighing 70 kg burn about 2800 calories. Each athlete’s foot makes about 50 thousand steps, testing the load of three times the body weight. About diet marathoners, we asked the jury Continue reading

Breathing exercises for weight loss stomach exercises

Breathing exercises for stomach – fast way to a perfect figure

Without breathing, the human body can not only function normally, but simply to exist. Therefore, an increasing number of scientists agree that breathing exercises for weight loss in the abdominal area of the most simple and effective way to tighten and strengthen the muscles and eliminate excess fat in this area.

It is important to breathe properly

The most correct and detailed is breathing using the diaphragm. In the

process of respiration when breathing in, the belly will stick out slightly, filling with air.

And the interesting fact that all newborn babies breathe this way and adults on the contrary completely exclude the belly of the respiratory process, using inspiratory thoracic (upper) part of the respiratory system.

If breathing, thus, the oxygen gets into the lower part of the lungs, and the exhaust air exits completely. Therefore, the tissue of the human body are supplied with oxygen not in full, which can lead to the formation of excess fat on the shape.

Taking a breath, diaphragmatic Continue reading

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