Breathing exercises qigong

Breathing exercises: techniques and exercises

Concepts of breathing exercises there are many – is and ancient qi Gong, and exercises for singers Strelnikova, and exercises aimed at relief of attacks of bronchial asthma, Buteyko developed, and Bodyflex slimming and Oxisols. Let’s try to understand the techniques and to answer the question which of breathing practices are better or more suitable particular person.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is probably the most philosophical and the most ancient gymnastics. Yes and gymnastics-that this practice is difficult to call, rather it is an ideological system. It is based on the concept of Qi energy – substance inherent in all living things and necessary for the existence of organisms. For the health needs free circulation of Qi through the energy channels of the body. To those and are including light. Therefore, inhaling and exhaling, a person can control that power. Qi Gong includes not only philosophy, Continue reading

Use plavanie

Chinese diet

Chinese diet, despite its name, besides the use of green tea has nothing to do with traditions food Chinese. Designed Chinese diet for 21 days. This weight loss method is very heavy and low calorie, but its advantage is the fact that, despite a small loss of total body mass (up to 5 kg.), visible fat reserves will be significantly reduced. In the first two weeks of the Chinese diet is especially important for weight loss because the diet during this period will be significantly shortened.

Menu the first week of the Chinese diet

The meal should be 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is the benefits of swimming to lose weight . 1 egg and 1 orange. During the day you should drink green tea, of course, no sugar.

Menu of the second week of the diet

During this period allowed the use of any cereals except barley and manna, in any quantity. Groats need to be soaked in diet minus 5 kg for the month. Continue reading

The beneficial properties of lemon for beauty

The beneficial properties of lemon for beauty

All citrus fruits have unique properties, which are used in cosmetics. And to care for your skin with fragrant fruit is possible, using not only professional care, but also home. What are they so attractive in cosmetology?

In the citrus fruits contain many vitamins such as A, B1, B2, C, P and PP, as well as organic acids, amino acids, sugars, pectin, essential oils, minerals, flavonoids and photoelement. The flesh and rind have valuable content. For cosmetic use flowers, leaves, fruits.

All the fruits differ from each other in taste, appearance and content of the main components. Let us now pay attention to the lemon. Yes, they are sour, but the smell of lemon immediately creates a good impression. Lemon tea is a favorite drink for many of us, it is invigorating and uplifting. A Cup of tea with lemon is a pleasant conversation in the cozy living room or in the winter time by the fireplace.

Useful properties of lemon Continue reading

The benefits of swimming.

The benefits of swimming. Swimming for weight loss.

Beach season is completed, it is time to think about polyplane in the pool. It is swimming in the pool, will help you maintain your figure to the next beach season, and not to gain extra, and the skin is pleasing to the eye – trim, without cellulite?

Many choose as an alternative to swimming – fitness, then worried: “Now go to the training, and the child what to do?” In the pool you can walk with your child, now in many sports complexes with swimming pool, classes for crumbs is carried out simultaneously with adults, and the benefits of

swimming – there is no doubt. Moreover, such classes are not traumatic, but on the contrary, help to strengthen the immune system, improve your mood and performance. In addition, such activities can become a family! And, in great Continue reading

Recovery after workouts.

The basic principles of cross-country training. interesting. article athletics. School running Scirun

School Running Scirun. Recovery after workouts. Stay after the run

Almost all the lyrics about running a training day – kilometers, hours/minutes, heart rate, intervals. All about loads and efforts. The main running slogan – “No pain, no gain!” – “No pain, no achievements!” It reinforces the motto – “Life is short, play it hard!” – “Life is short,

play hard!” – the company, which grew on the run in transnational giant. Looks cool, but, really, everything is just killing for the athlete! And from the point of view of physiology, even pathetic.

The load is only one part of the training process and, I would say, the easiest. Second, the same is a part, is recovery. And everything is even more vague, not only for beginners, but even for those Continue reading

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