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The back straight. Talk about scoliosis

Some doctors believe that scoliosis is not a disease, but an individual characteristic of the skeleton. But what to call “individual feature” hunched back, which in different directions and at different levels stick out of the blade? Trouble and only. Scoliosis spoils the figure! Nothing can spoil the impression of the woman as a slouch! But all this is fixable. It would wish. (more…)

What is parkour and its use

Every mother knows how valuable the health of the child. We spend a lot of time and effort to give children only the best. Concern about their health is one of the main parental responsibilities. (more…)

Health and youth in the magical rhythm of the dance

Everybody knows how good the dance is performed by a professional can affect the emotional state of the viewer. We also know that dance classes have a beneficial effect on physical health. However, not all dare to cross the threshold of the dance school. This is due to psychological barriers that are built on throughout life, starting from early childhood. This is especially true of the strong half for which the term “dancer” is often associated with something obscene. (more…)

Drinking regime athletes

How to enlarge breast through exercise?

The first thing you need to know any woman who decided to enlarge Breasts by exercise, — this is how it is strange that they want to increase. Many women confuse the terms “breast” and “breast”. Actually enlarge breast without surgery is impossible, but to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the breast – a very different task that will help to carry out these exercises. (more…)

Meet — the most fashionable aerobics — Fink

Fitness — is a sport that has a diversity. Here are a few trends, but perhaps the most popular in recent years began to use grassy dance aerobics. Club dance, folk, street, hip hop, street jazz — all of this can be summed up as — Fink-aerobics.

As can be understood from the foregoing, Fink — it is a mixture of different areas and dance styles. For fitness this cocktail fits just perfectly. And every club that offers aerobics classes has individualyou program that can even carry another name. Here everything will depend on the training components, the personal preferences of the instructor and traditions of the club. (more…)

Perfect abs in a short time.

Press, or core muscles, — it is the center of the torso, just press sports gives the body a complete nice shape. But to create beautiful press can be very few. I will tell you how to create the perfect press for the minimum time.

First of all, you must understand that it is not enough to perform special exercises. They will not save You from excess fat in the waist area. It can only make a low-calorie diet. (more…)

Fitness slimming

Sorry beautiful, slim and well-groomed body is not given by nature. Its beauty you need to earn and save, and this will take perseverance and willpower. But unfortunately for some, it will remain never a dream come true.

It’s not so difficult. You probably already know how you lose weight: losing weight in the complex will be very useful: diet, exercise, and sports, here’s what you need! (more…)

Brilliant home — a brilliant figure

In order to have a good figure, getting rid of excess weight, we spend money and time on physical exercise and limiting themselves to such a delicious but unhealthy food.

But there is a simpler, but no less useful way to solve this problem. Training in the gym can be replaced by cleaning the house. Thus we will save you time and money. But whether it is the same effect? Yes! (more…)

Belly dance — health and beauty of the female body

What victims are not only women go in order to preserve her beauty, youth and health. But you can in fact take care of their beauty, health and thus to do a very interesting exercise. Prescription female attractiveness, which we will talk today — belly dance. (more…)

Choose clothes for fitness

Choosing clothes for fitness, you first need to consider the direction of the practice You have chosen. But still, there are some General guidelines for choosing clothing that You should consider regardless of occupation. (more…)

Flat stomach in a week

The dream of every woman — slim waist and flat stomach. Nothing is impossible! Today women magazine Blogger tips, following which You will be able to make your stomach flat in a short period of time.

Every woman wants to achieve results in the shortest possible time. And with our recommendations You will have a flat stomach in a week . well, a maximum two. What is recommended for it professionals?

To achieve a flat stomach you need to combine different actions and approach this in a comprehensive manner. Need to diet, exercise, massage and correct posture. (more…)

The immune system and the cold

In cool weather, very easy to catch a cold. Some of us throughout the winter can’t get rid of wheezing, cough or runny nose. But there are those who are going through the winter with good health. Who are these people? Usually these are people who spend a lot of time outside, exercise and eat right. (more…)

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