Re-verification of their power.

Re-verification of their power. Charitable race 5275

The idea of participating in a Charity race in Gorky Park on September 22, was born at the end of the summer. Workout more often, there was some stability. Perhaps a visit to the World Cup to have that effect. And then one fine evening I signed up and the race-Sputnik Moscow marathon and Charitable mileage.

Of course, the positive emotions, which I received on 15 September, after running those long-awaited 10 km, defies description. But now I want more and more. Emotions. Drive. This is the same drug))

On Sunday morning we get up early and go to Gorky Park. Start at 12.00, but you also need to take a number and a starter pack, to reconnoiter the situation, to warm up.

The organization begins to delight from the first minute. All the fast queue. For participants already almost finished dressing rooms, Luggage storage, entertainment area.

Stand a little cold, so I walk along the promenade. Neskuchny garden, Golden autumn, how beautiful. Great running weather! Yes, it is cold, cloudy, windy, but Saturday is generally the day was the rain. And we were lucky!

Immediately on the waterfront acquainted with the group the Amateur runners. Now some of them running, others work as volunteers. Word for word, the discussion of the Moscow marathon training. It turns out these guys are representatives of the running club “Terletsky Park” and I saw them running around there in the evening cross! Small world? Maybe just a hobby we have one, we have now.

Fun warm-up from incendiary fitness instructors, welcome by a representative of the General sponsor of the competition Hyundai.

Then separate warm-up Jogging, which was only one mile instead of two or three, because the participants were already starting to gather in the hallway. Why so early? Before the start of the 15 minutes. And stood, jumping on the spot to keep warm. The girl leading, to remove the total voltage is divided to the London marathon participants generally 1.5 hours to build. Is it really true? Not going to London for the marathon))))

The waiting time is over. Starting shot and about two thousand participants on the course 5 275 m and 10 m 550 (1/8 and 1/4 marathon respectively) rushed forward. My comfortable position at the start, immediately allowed us to start at a comfortable pace. The course runs along the embankment of the Moscow river, Neskuchny garden, the Sparrow hills, on the other side favorite Luzhniki. Forward immediately flee athletes, launched 1/8 marathon, as well as those who run 10 faster than I am))

The clatter of shoes, hundreds of smiles, beautiful track, my feet moving to the rhythm of my mood. And these moments are priceless – the beginning of the race, when you’re still full of energy.

Perhaps the only comments that I want to announce: I once again lacked kilometer markings. Trim away the time was on the rotation for a distance 5775 meters, and on our turn, which meant half way. The pace of 4.30, normal flight, super mood!

Less than two kilometres before the finish we were looking for polyamic where I remembered nabukenya once hill and passed a few male athletes, it’s good though!

Quite close was a girl, back I watched the entire distance. The girl, however, felt me coming, decided to restore the gap, and this is the third place got away from me. as it turned out.

The closer the finish line, the more fan support and finisher of participants, great! Run into the finish arch, I want to smile, but something does not work. I can already imagine myself in photos: hang over a work table to know what I’m angry)))

After the finish cuddling with the girls, the winners, we congratulate each other! about me back my “favorite” fourth place! The most annoying place, but today it all of a sudden! Don’t know how many women participating in my distance, the protocols are still not appeared.

Same here congrats to my new friends from “Terletsky gang”. Oh, how nice. Music, photos, awards ceremony, celebration a success. Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, participants and fans, thanks to our common efforts, we were able to give yourself a great mood and a wonderful holiday, the active pursuit and development of a culture of philanthropy in society.

And the distance of 550 meters at 10 I overcame 46.20″. Now I’m sure to run 10 km in 44 minutes, I now quite capable. Although once again that the result is certainly important, but it is not important. And what is the main thing? A sense of harmony, which you reach, developing physically, developing spiritually, communicating with peers by sharing their positive and getting a lot of joy in response, becoming happier. It is very simple as all genius in this world.

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