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Almost all the lyrics about running a training day – kilometers, hours/minutes, heart rate, intervals. All about loads and efforts. The main running slogan – “No pain, no gain!” – “No pain, no achievements!” It reinforces the motto – “Life is short, play it hard!” – “Life is short,

play hard!” – the company, which grew on the run in transnational giant. Looks cool, but, really, everything is just killing for the athlete! And from the point of view of physiology, even pathetic.

The load is only one part of the training process and, I would say, the easiest. Second, the same is a part, is recovery. And everything is even more vague, not only for beginners, but even for those who consider themselves the real deal. I would say: “Kill yourself in training everyone is pretty straightforward. To recover after a workout – this is art!”

Especially important the first few minutes after a workout on the run – the so-called “emergency recovery”. It was there laid the foundations to absorb the training load and determines the direction of physiological processes that can lead to positive changes in your body or to its depletion.

Would love to runners-fans realized that treadmill exercise lasting more than 30 minutes is sufficient and very difficult for the body, and should not be considered only as a warm-up before strength training or some other training.

So, you went after her run – she was 30 minutes or 75, in this case it doesn’t matter. Then you should spend a few minutes to stretch muscles from top to bottom: neck, arms, back, legs, especially calf muscles.

Then or even before stretches (health) need to compensate for the loss of fluids in the body – satisfy your thirst. There is a belief among runners that you should not drink immediately after your run – it supposedly has on the liver. Beats, ladies and gentlemen! Drinking it is the lack of water in the body will not allow you to effectively recover! I like to drink those who struggle with excess weight is “dried”. I can say right away – this way you can achieve only short-term effect, your body will take! Only long-term effective training program can lead to permanent weight loss. If you are satisfied with short-term effect, keep in mind that not to drink after a workout is very injurious to health, any “shanwick” weight wrestling or Boxing, you can tell us about their “blackout” better than me – you are killing your brain.

What to drink? Best of all – a good mineral water! And if we sweeten it a good jam or honey – just super! All possible sports drinks require careful attitude to them – they are designed for high loads and can cause an unexpected reaction. So between a quarter and a liter of water, depending on the duration of exercise, its intensity and your ability to sweat, it’s best to drink immediately. (The more you sweat, the more you need water to restore).

Will make a small digression about the sweating. Contrary to the claims of commercials roll-on deodorant, “excessive sweating” which they so fanatically fighting is not a crime but a blessing for the runner. The higher your ability to sweat, the higher the results in the race you will submit. Sweating is a natural cooling capacity. If you ever see how they run marathons, probably, have noticed that when the runners are tired, they watered the head and neck with water from the bottle. It attempts to cool the body when their stocks of liquid is not enough. If the runner’s body overheats, it triggers numerous adverse health consequences, about which I will write in the next posts. So if you have the ability to sweat so that you stream flows, then consider yourself lucky.

After a shower can add a little more. And here, in my opinion, the best choice is tea. Especially green. Great set of trace elements and a small but effective dose of caffeine. We are to maintain our heart so that the recovery processes were effective. After training the cardiovascular system (CVS) is committed to a sharp slowdown of their work, and then need to get it a little bit more work. The blood needs a little more time to run vigorously around the body to be washed out of the muscle breakdown products after hard work and deliver energy and building materials for cells. Among athletes widespread habit of drinking Cola, but I would recommend all tea with honey – it will be healthier and tastier! I understand that green tea with honey is a sacrilege for experts, but you can make that sacrifice for the sake of recovery after the run (honey gives necessary at that moment, carbohydrates, etc.), and tea ceremony to do later.

Briefly about beer. There is a belief that beer is the best reducing agent after loads. I will not dwell on the numerous harmful effects of consuming this product, I think they are all familiar with. After you have run and so heavily loaded with the liver and heart, and the beer is any alcoholic drink has on these, the most vulnerable organ of the body. So do not aggravate your condition – it is dirty product!

Now you can proceed to the food. About the runner’s diet we will talk later in detail. Now I want to say briefly – carbohydrates! What you need immediately after a run is 80% carbohydrates. Not a piece of meat, a serving of spaghetti with cheese and salad. Rice with fish or seafood is also great. Or buckwheat: there is also a lot of iron. Save your favorite dumplings or soup for your next meal.

And now that you have provided your body the necessary supplies to restore, you need to give him a chance to recover. No matter how you good and energetic after aerobic Jogging – be sure to let yourself rest for 15 minutes at least! But better a half hour sulagte on the couch so that his legs were raised to the level of the body. You need to avoid stagnation in the legs – there is a lot of blood in capillaries while running.

Even for djulgerov this half hour is very important for the progress in training. “Undermining” to work/on business immediately after running, using the charge of vivacity for the relocation of the furniture in the apartment or digging gardens/flowers landing in the country immediately after the training at least erases the developmental impact of training. In the case of untrained or subtreasurer of the body can even cause deterioration of health – from migraines to hypertensive crisis. This, alas, is not theory examples of life.

As for advanced runners, here the dependence is simple – the more weight applied, the more bed rest. Once the world record holder Thiru Dibaba, the Ethiopian, who won all the titles stayers in the race, was asked what is her favorite pastime. She said, “Lie on the bed!” Such runners-lovers far away, but the trend, I hope, be clear.

Movement is life, fact. But to move faster and longer, we need to recover. We, fortunately, not machines. We cannot hope for parts. But we can be an incredible way to increase your power through your workout!

Our motto: “Running is harmony!”


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