Rest after exercise – how to recover

Rest after training: how to restore power

Beginners in fitness have prejudice: muscle pain is an indicator of the effectiveness of the workout. They are ready to spend all your time in the gym, exercising to exhaustion. Only instead of a beautiful muscular relief is the result of “productive training” becomes something nobody expected — poor health and the inability to transcend the normal flight of stairs. Not to cause harm to the body, pay attention to the replenishment of spent forces. Here are some ways to restore, that may be appropriate.

Fitness nutrition

During training you are actively burn proteins and carbohydrates needed for muscle growth. To replenish nutrients and to stimulate muscle protein synthesis immediately after training take a protein-carbohydrate drink and every 2 hours for 6 hours snack on foods rich in nutrients.


Massage after a workout — a nice and quick way to start in the body’s regenerative processes. Muscles completely relax, we start the regeneration of cells. The technique should combine light and intense impact.

Hot tub

20-30 minutes taking a hot bath improves metabolism and blood circulation. To relieve muscular pain and cleanse the body of toxins, dissolve in water 1 Cup of sea salt.

Cold bath

This method is less pleasant than taking a hot bath, but more effective. The water temperature should be between 12-15 degrees, the procedure should not exceed 5-10 minutes. Cool water relieves stress, reduces pain in the muscles and starts the process of regeneration. However, this method should be treated with caution — it is not for everyone. If you visit personal training, be sure to consult with your instructor.


10–15 minute shower with changing temperature regimes and invigorates it restores the muscle tone. The positive effect of increasing hard rubbing with a towel after the procedure.


After training, follow some stretching exercises. This will excrete unwanted substances produced during strength and cardio (for example, lactic acid). Also stretching will help to avoid COMB (syndrome of delayed muscle pain).


Most actively the body recovers during sleep. So you are not caught up with lack of energy, sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Active recovery

The coaches are confident: a little exercise after gym and relaxing days accelerates the formation of muscles. Active restoration include both cardio (give excellent results Jogging in the fresh air), and strength exercises. Stick to a simple rule: the length of the class and load should be 30-50% of the regular curriculum.

Actively or passively rejuvenate — the choice is yours. But don’t forget: even quality rest will not help to achieve high results, if the selected type of workout is not for you.

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