Running in the winter how to dress

Running in winter: how to dress properly?

I can say that my recent passion for running has grown into an active position in life and I try despite the weather conditions not to interrupt your runs. But Jogging in the winter can lead to the threat of getting sick due to mismatched clothes or shoes. So I had to find the experts recommendations, how to dress for a run in the winter. They release 6 positions that affect the quality of your comfortable running without damage to health. So what to wear on a run?

1. Shoes . While running in the winter is of great importance, what shoes

you have chosen. It should be not only comfortable for Jogging, but also warm. This is made from quality material which will not be taken in one piece during a hard frost. High quality running shoes should have a special and distinct tread that will not allow you to slide. Choosing shoes for running, pay attention to models with a high top and a special tongue that will prevent the ingress of snow inside. Sneakers should be pretty light and made of high quality material, which can give the foot to breathe. Some fans choose winter running shoes with special fixing elements (chains), which guarantee maximum grip. The internal part of shoes should be well insulated, and the top – to have a protective layer against moisture, for example, models out of nubuck.

2. Underwear . How to dress when running? You can use underwear which will not hamper movement and quite easy. It allows the skin to breathe and perfectly warm even in extreme cold. Most fans of winter running get this option of clothing. If none, then you can wear a t-shirt made of natural material, and on top of a warm sweater that will warm in the cold. It should be said that the wool things are quite absorbent and long run can lead to hypothermia. Optimal will be cotton underwear.

3. Pants . Pants should be quite free to not interfere with the run. It is best to choose a special model for winter running, with lining, which can protect you from the cold wind and retain warmth. Do not wear a few pairs of pants that will turn your race is torture, it is better to get special models or use underwear.

4. Outerwear . To protect yourself from the wind, you can use the windbreaker. On colder days, it is best to wear a jacket in wind – and waterproof membrane, for example, anorak or a short jacket. Please note that this outerwear must have an elastic band at the bottom, as loose clothing promotes aeration of heat.

5. Hat and gloves . Will not be superfluous to warm my hands and my head. Use knitted mittens or gloves that will warm, and dual sport hats. A great option would be the so-called Balaclava, which securely hide your face in the most severe frosts. It has cutouts for the eyes, and the rest covers from the wind and cold.

6. Socks . Be sure to wear warm socks, especially when wearing sneakers. Believe me, if your feet freeze in another repeat race you will not want.

Now I know what to wear in winter for a run and it is not afraid to harm your health.

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