Safety while running

Safety while running

For anybody not a secret that proper running technique, it is not only the prevention of various injuries, but the key to good results and future success. Consider the basic approaches to safety that will help to avoid troubles and traumas in the process of running.

Proper running technique

Comply with proper running technique during training and competition performances are given special attention, as coaches, and medical

professionals. This is primarily due to the fact that the run – a rather complex process involving more than a hundred muscles in the human body. On what points, first of all, you need to pay attention to?

Stable position of the upper body, the body in any case there should be “too long” movements.

Running with only a sock on the heel and in any case not Vice versa.

When running, the knees are slightly precognition condition and rise high up out ahead. In no event it is impossible to run “shuffled” on the ground, as if such a run is the load on the hip joint.

Begin running slowly with subsequent acceleration.

If you experience fatigue in the joints of the hip (primarily this applies to newcomers) need to stop running.

Perfect working off of technics of run – this is training under the supervision of a coach.

Optimality loads

One of the common mistakes beginners – a sharp stress on the body, long-distance and high speed running. Many trainers recommend starting workouts with warm-UPS in the form of daily walks. Gradually you can move on to Jogging, alternating with walking. Increase the distance and pace of movement is necessary smoothly, be sure to consider the health of the body. Overly, high and sharp loads lead to painful sensations in the area of the ankle and knee joints. The optimal mode of the first practice 15 minutes daily, then three to four times a week for 30 – 40 minutes. During the training process, pay attention to your breath — it should be smooth and easy.

The right choice of terrain

The right choice of terrain will help you to efficiently distribute the load on different types of muscles. So, uphill – the great strain of ankle and foot, and during the descent – knees and shins. Cross-training should rationally be alternated downs, and smooth surface, thus, will create conditions for the development of all types of muscles.

Beginners are recommended to start training on paved surface, as on a highway of receiving injuries of the spine, feet and knee joints.

The right choice of shoes

A compelling and well-matched shoes to match your size also contributes to safety during the run. Besides, running in these shoes is much nicer and more comfortable.

Before you purchase shoes, you need to decide where and on what surface you’ll jog. If your route will run on rough terrain, then the best option – the presence of small spines, contributing to a better grip. When choosing artificial tracks, the best option is a Shoe with a small relief to the soles and special grooves at the joints, which contributes to the movement of the foot in a more natural way. To buy end-to-end shoes in any case is not necessary as it is quickly broken and will crush feet, especially if they become swollen at the end of the day. Perfectly matched in size the shoes tightly encloses the foot, adjacent to the heel, not squeezing your foot width. Range of shoes in the sports stores are very large, so must consciously approach this process and not to buy the first available running shoes, only for the reason that they liked you because of the design. It should also be remembered that different kinds of sport shoes perfect different. When in doubt, it is best to consult with vendors – consultants.

Special attention should be paid to such property athletic shoes for athletics as depreciation. To this end to the heel area should attend a special insert made of shock-absorbing material. The sole should be made of lightweight material as the candle to be used in the rubber mixture. Experienced athletes special attention when choosing shoes pay the middle part of the intermediate sole. Thanks to a special system that should be in shoes designed for running, the arch of the foot is provided with the correct support, depending on the pronation of the foot. Shoes corresponding to these requirements, reduces the load on the heel, spine, knees, and, of course, for all types of joints.

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Safety while running
Safety while running For anybody not a secret that proper running technique, it is not only the prevention of various injuries, but the key to good results and future success.…

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