Sex and physical activity during menstruation (monthly)

Sex and physical activity during menstruation

Many modern women are wondering whether you can have sex during menstruation. Not less important question – whether to interrupt the sport in this period. Next, let’s talk more about this.

Sex during menstruation – what is important to know

For many couples sex in this period is a closed subject, because the majority of women feel discomfort. However, to make love in that period. Of course, partners will have to comply with hygienic norms. As you know,

making love during this period is able to deliver both women and men, new pleasant sensations. Some girls feel in this case even more pleasure, than in usual days. This can be explained by the fact that the vagina is well hydrated. In addition, a better flow of blood to the organs provides better sensitivity.

During sexual intercourse during menstruation women often experience an orgasm, which can relieve tension, irritability and pain. The fact is that during orgasm spasms occur that push fluid out of the uterus. Thus, the swelling decreases. Accordingly, the pain gradually goes away.

Myths about sex during menstruation

Among the misconceptions concerning making love during menstruation, include the following statements:

during menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant;

libido during menstruation at a low level;

the risk of infection is low.

The most common misconception is during menstruation fertilization of the egg impossible. Naturally, the probability in this case below. However, in women sometimes occurs a shortening of the menstrual cycle or two of ovulation in one cycle.

As for libido, during menstruation libido can Wake up much more often than when you ovulate. Increased risk of infection when menstruation are the main risk for both partners. This can be explained by the fact that blood is an excellent culture medium for bacteria. In this environment, they reproduce much more quickly than in the vagina clean. In addition, during menstruation the cervix is slightly ajar. The risk of infection during this period increases. Therefore, if a woman does not have a regular sexual partner, in those days, it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Sex during menstruation is possible. However, in this case it is necessary to consider the physical condition of women, the degree of attraction of partners, and do not forget about hygiene.

Physical activity – for and against

For every woman who cares about their health and getting regular exercise, you need to know whether physical activity during menstruation.

Every woman’s body is special. Many women during the menstruation suffer from discomfort, pain, and loss of strength. Naturally, in such a case it is advisable to postpone the workout and don’t torture yourself. However, there are some women who do not want to give up gymnastics and active life even for a few days. Although, the lack of ailments does not mean that the body can be loaded. If there is a desire to visit the gym. However, exercise should be light weight.

Sport in the critical days to be deferred in those cases, if a woman is experiencing:

severe cramping that may be aggravated by motion;

deterioration of the General condition (weakness and dizziness);

disorders and diseases associated with the menstrual cycle;

the presence of gynecological diseases and problems with the urinary system.

If the woman is not sure whether to go to the gym in the critical days, you should consult with an experienced gynecologist. To violate bans on medical training during the menstruation is strictly prohibited.

What types of physical activity are prohibited during menstruation

Taking into account the different effects on the body, some physical exercise is recommended to exclude from the training program. Among them are:

abdominal exercises;

intense aerobic exercise;

lifting weights, training on simulators.

Optimal types of training in the critical days: walking, morning gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, stretching, swimming. These sports are completely safe. Almost all of them are suitable even for pregnant. In the course of employment on the body affects uniform load. Classes allow to relax the abdominal muscles, and increase overall body tone.

Ways to stop menstruation

If she needs to stop or monthly, to do so, so they probably ended, you can resort to folk remedies. For example, you can use a decoction of nettle, which is prepared at the rate of 4 tablespoons of dried herbs in 0.5 liters of hot water. After the grass is drenched with boiling water, 5 minutes it is necessary to boil in a water bath, then for 30 minutes. Drink the broth before eating, 3 times a day. To stop menstruation in a short time will help and medications Menadione, Trincan. However, before taking medication should read the instructions and contraindications.

Menstruation is a serious obstacle to an active lifestyle. To maintain good health women only need to consider some features of this process.

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