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Participation in swimming competitions

Competitive experience is necessary for any swimmer for a number of reasons .

competitions raise the will to win and fighting spirit;

regular participation in competitions helps to be better prepared psychologically to their atmosphere;

competitions help to understand and evaluate how good your swim technique

and are you able to show it in extreme conditions of competition;

competitions are taught to properly distribute forces at a distance.

Competitions and food

During the day, to drink frequently in small portions.

Competitions and sleep

The importance and duration of sleep can be found in the article “the Dream swimmer”

However, before the competition a good night’s sleep is especially important . The necessary duration of sleep of an individual. But based on average data, we can say that the duration of night sleep before a competition should not be less than 8 hours.

Party competition is important not only to sleep, but time to Wake up. After all, at the crucial moment you need to be in good shape! In order that the nervous system had activated and the swimmer was to start on full alert need to Wake up at least 3-4 hours before competition .

Warm up at competitions

Task warm-up before the competition is to prepare the swimmer for the start, both physically and psychologically.

Pre-race warm-up similar to the warm-up before training (see “Warm-up before swimming “), that is, includes exercises on land to warm up the muscles and ligaments, exercises on land stretching to improve muscle elasticity, warm-up swim. But in the warm-up competition before the swim should include a larger number of very short segments, swims with high speed and to pay attention to the improvement of starts and turns.

The important point is that the contestant will need to get used to the pool, which will host the race. All pools are different, so you need to carefully assess the situation and adapt to it. Rate temperature and transparency of water, how high are the walls, what is the depth of the pool. Inspect the starting blocks and train to do jump start.

The total area of longitudinal separations and the intensity of the workout in water depend on the type of the nervous system of the swimmer and the length of a competitive race.

It is important to approach the moment of start in the optimal mental state. When excessive excitement will help smooth sailing. When a state of apathy, on the contrary, you need to swim a few short lengths at maximum speed.

The duration of the workout can be 15-20 min, distance swimming warm-up is 400-800 meters and more. Before the final heats warm-up should be half shorter than before the preliminary heats. The warm up should finish the way a swimmer will swim on the course. The period of time from the warm-up before the start should be 20-30 min.

Otkapyvanie at competitions

The competition otkapyvanie even more important than in training (see Otkapyvanie or hitch in swimming “).

After the swim as soon as possible need to go to the warm-up and swim 15-18 minutes on a low aerobic heart rate . After such a relaxing swim, the athlete will feel much better than immediately after the completion of the course. The minimum recommended amount of recovery swimming is 800 metres away. If the competition is missing the warm-up pool for competitive swim after swim, then wait a couple of minutes in a cold shower, then perform stretching exercises (especially those muscles that are tired and sick).

Psychological preparation before and during the competition

Participation in the competition is a test not only of physical skills, it’s also a great psychological burden. How you deal with it depends on the result.

Most importantly – a positive attitude

Confidence and preparation, the desire to reach their potential and demonstrate their capabilities, willingness to win and enjoy this victory are the ingredients of a positive attitude. After long preparations you came to these events, to reap the fruits of their labors and efforts, and you show what you are capable of!

Don’t worry before the start and wrap yourself in

Not to worry – the main rule for the competitor. Long training sessions are now behind us and with unnecessary thoughts and feelings you yourself will not help, but harm can easily.

The most common psychological problem is when the athlete always thinks about the upcoming launch. Day and night, anywhere he can’t force yourself not to think about that moment when you hear the starting signal and the competitors will begin to cover the distance. In most cases it ends up with a start, the swimmer goes mentally exhausted, which invariably will affect the results not for the better. It is very difficult to stop my mind from imagining, but try to distract myself, do something interesting. In anticipation of the swim not machetes, sit down, listen to music, hang out with friends or rivals.

Visualize your race and win in it

The main task of visualization techniques to help you fully prepare for fast swimming. Many athletes visualize their starts not only at competitions, but also during the preparation.

To start the visualization of the competition should be for a few weeks and practice every day. On launch day look at the water and imagine in great detail, as you pass the distance. Visualizing the upcoming launch, imagine the minutest details all the sensations that will be experienced during the swim and program your body to swim the way you want. All items have value, you need to feel the atmosphere of competitions to catch the smell of pool water, to see the competitors and hear the spectators, to feel every stroke and kick his legs, to feel your breath. Swim in your thoughts perfectly, do not allow tactical and technical errors. Take seriously to this practice, its effectiveness is proven you will be surprised what an incredible power of your thought.

Respect, but not fear rivals

Opponents are people too, they are also trained and are going to show your best score. And, like you, they worry, too. Show friendliness and respect for their rivals, be polite. But remember that fear of the opponent – not the best ally on the course.

Reacted philosophically to the result

If you showed the competition is not the result that we expected, take it philosophically. We all have UPS and downs. After all, the one who never falls, he gets up. If you have done everything possible for the victory is a victory, your personal victory over themselves, their fears and doubts. The road by walking, don’t give up, analyze your mistakes and practice on and the following result will be much better!

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