Sports injuries how to avoid them

Sports injuries: how to avoid them

Sports to be useful, you need to follow some rules, you can protect yourself from injury.

Pain – almost an integral component of athletic training, be it a gym or a dance class, especially if you are just starting work.

However, one thing – a natural reaction of the muscles to the increasing workload, and the other – sports injuries that not only prevent further activity, but can lead to quite serious consequences.

Some of the principles of conduct in the gym reduce the likelihood of injuries.

The most common sports injuries

Although the number of possible injuries that can be obtained in training, quite variable, there are injuries that occur most often. These include:

“tennis elbow ” (golfer);

lower back pain;

“runner’s knee”;

stretching of the calf muscles;

calluses and blisters.

“tennis Elbow”

Pain in the elbow joint caused by inflammation of the tendons or ligaments in that area. Despite the name, damage thus hand you can not only when playing tennis, but also when any activity involving strain on the elbow, such as when rowing or even carrying heavy bags.

To prevent inflammation during exercise is more likely to stretch your hands, stretch the muscles. The main thing is not to give them to overwork. Useful and a set of special exercises for the forearm.

Lower back pain

The cause of this injury often becomes a strain back muscles or repetitive microtrauma associated with the fact that the level of training exceeds the capacity of the body.

To avoid this, you need not forget about warming up the lower back with the help of special exercises and stretches prior to exercise and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

But most importantly – to hold the first sports lesson with a professional instructor who can develop a program suited to the body.

“runner’s Knee”

Of this injury is evidenced by the pain in the knee joint – in the front or the side. Caused by damage and subsequent softening of the cartilage behind the kneecap or irritation of the connective tissue, it usually appears in runners.

To avoid sports injuries of the knee, it is important to take care of proper footwear and before exercise be sure to perform warm-up.

This is one of the most dangerous damage, when it is necessary to consult a doctor: it is impossible to cure.

Stretching the calf muscles

With stiffness in his leg with a light sprain or acute pain with muscle rupture often have runners and people who prefer group play, – football, basketball. Correct warm up will help to keep the muscles intact. This applies to other muscle groups, especially neck, biceps, forearms.

Calluses and blisters

Probably the most common sports injury. Of course, if you regularly engage in sports equipment, to avoid calluses and blisters unlikely. But to reduce their number can, if time to take care of the proper clothing and footwear.

The rules of prevention of sports injuries

To prevent sports injuries of different severity will help the right approach to training — a consultation with the treating doctor and strict adherence to the instructions of the instructor. Professionals will help you gain a healthy body and to get pleasure from practice.

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