Sports pharmacology.


In what elements the body needs in training? Supplements, vitamins and other additives, so — called primary sport pharmacology, — a set of products designed to help the body to cope with exercise stress. Look at how to take correctly, and why it is important to know when to stop.

Vitamin complexes in the era of fast rhythm of city life, stress, environment and other tests of body strength, should be included in the diet of every inhabitant of the metropolis. Those who lead — or

begins to lead — athletic lifestyle, you need a set of additional tools that will help the body cope with the additional loads.

The content

Sports pharmacology — set vspomogatelny drugs (medicines and dietary Supplements) that poddrezhivayut the body during regular loads. Let’s talk about them.

“> Minerals ↑

Trace elements are elements whose content is in the body a little, but they are involved in biochemical processes and necessary living organisms.

Essence vitamin complex is to allow the organism to accumulate enough non-energy substances that improve the body as a whole.

A sufficient intake of micronutrients improves the functioning of the body. They contribute to:

assimilation of food by the body;

improved preobrazovaniy energy from its major carriers (proteins, fats and carbohydrates);

to improve the work of the heart (the myocardium), liver and circulatory and respiratory systems (collectively called the autonomic system).

As a result — improving immunity and overall energy of the body (ambaca strength and optimism, increased work capacity, improved mood and reduced fatigue, etc.).

The main problem is that one multivitamin tablet may contain conflicting substances, for example iron and vitamin C. the Second oxidizes first, and all of this is useless. Therefore, carefully read the composition on the packaging.

Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals in foods >>

In addition, in ordinary, non-specialized multivitamin complexes are not considered important substances. They do not contain, for example, what is in fish oil. Also important minerals that improve heart function, promote the exchange and assimilation of nutrients.

How to get in shape? Improve physical fitness and strengthen the body! >>

When I really dug deeply into this question, I got six groups, which include vitamins and other supplements. I optimized their prices, availability (any drugstore and on average no more than 1500-2000 thousand rubles for the whole set) and complex effects on the body.

“Vitamin” selection ↑

The vitamins and fatty acids ↑

Of them life on the planet originated.

Multivitamins — monthly costs 300–500 rubles. Pay attention to the composition: the iron must not be in one tablet with vitamin C. this vitamin should not drink citrus juice or be taken along with other medication that contains vitamin C.

Vitamin C — the immune system in the form of a sheath of cells, accelerates the process of synthesis of new tissue. Costs 30–40 rubles per pack.

Vitamin E — has many features: it is a good immunomodulator and antioxidant, is involved in processes of reproduction, is the universal protector of cell membranes from oxidative damage, etc. Useful to all without exception. Costs 8 rubles per blister of 10 capsules.

Calcium — is responsible for healthy bones, nails, hair, and also participates in the transmission of nerve impulses, the contraction of skeletal and smooth muscle, myocardium, blood clotting. Sold in separate complexes for 100–350 rubles, and in paper containers (calcium gluconate) for 5 rubles. Take before eating or 1–1,5 after eating.

Fish oil — a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and vitamin E. Affects the immune system, because fat provides cellular protection against viruses, AIDS digestion, prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance. Sold in capsules. Depending on the manufacturer costs 40–150 rubles.

Drugs plastic action ↑

Improve heart, intercellular and interstitial breathing.

L-Carnitine ( levocarnitine) — helps improve metabolism, losing weight and not only. The role of this substance in the body functions is quite significant: it activates fat metabolism, stimulates cell regeneration, increases stamina, improves exercise tolerance, etc. and also increases appetite. Sold in sachets of 200 rubles apiece, and in the blisters for 500–1000.

« Panangin ” — affects metabolic processes and the functioning of the heart, the source of ions of potassium and magnesium. The heart is deeper and less, best relaxes. The drug should be used after meals, because the acidic environment of the stomach contents, which reduces its effectiveness. In pill form without prescription. Costs 120–140 rubles.

« Riboxinum ” — metabolic, has antihypoxia, metabolic and antiarrhythmic effect, is involved in glucose metabolism, improves blood circulation in the coronary vessels. Costs 19–25 rubles per pack. Taken before meals.

Drugs energy action ↑

Stimulate the nervous system.

Glutamic acid — refers to the group of nonessential amino acids, in particular, to neurotransmitter amino acids, involved in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, oxidative processes, reduce skeletal muscle. Costs 30–40 rubles per pack.

Hepatic protectors ↑

The better liver stores nutrients and cleared.

«Essentiale Forte” equivalent “asslover Forte” — have a normalizing effect on the metabolism of lipids, proteins and detoxification function of the liver. Contains b vitamins and excipients. Costs 250 – 550 rubles per pack.

Adaptogens of plant and animal origin ↑

Energy, stimulants physical and mental activities.

Leaf extract green tea — soderjanie in components have sosudoukreplyayuschim properties, participate in the normalization of metabolism and production of hormones and limit the development of obesity. I’m talking about green tea, but not the ginseng, as ginseng, on the contrary, “puts” heart. Costs 600–800 rubles.

The reception ↑

When to take vitamins and medicines — before or after exercise? What time of day they best learned? This is a common questions. Answer.

Almost everything listed above is digested after eating, better after Breakfast. The exceptions are calcium and “Riboxinum”, they should be taken before meals. It is important to have physical activity, and body all obtained used to their maximum efficiency. The fact is that during exercise the body tries to use all the useful elements derived from food.

One month course should take one–twice a year. This course goes well with the mental and physical stress.

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