Swimming during beremennosti

Swimming during pregnancy

Everyone knows the benefits of swimming. Earlier opponents resisted this occupation during pregnancy, but at this time, experts consider them to be the payload. The doctors are now recommended for almost all future mums swimming lessons, because it is one of the correct types of physical activity, and for pregnant women balanced exercise just needed.


A woman’s body in the water receives maximum relaxation with minimum risk of

injury, and the muscles are subjected to a uniform load. Any load is given in the water easier, and tiring exercises too much that is important for the mother and for the baby.

The benefits of swimming for pregnant

Swimming pool activities help in the development of all groups of muscles involved in childbirth is the back muscles, the muscles of the perineum, abdomen, pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor. Experts believe that women who are constantly engaged in swimming, give birth to a better and much faster, they have reduced the likelihood of tearing.

Water promotes relaxation, relieves lower back pain and back pain, swelling and varicose veins. Doctors in some cases recommend to go swimming even women with threatened preterm labor to relieve hypertonicity. Here are the symptoms of premature birth .

Swimming helps to normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system, which is of great importance, because at heart are heavy loads during pregnancy. The water pressure creates a positive impact on the condition of the blood and increases circulation. Also classes prepare for childbirth respiratory system.

When training in the pool is burning large amounts of calories, which is also of great importance. The expectant mother develops endurance, the immune system becomes stronger.

What is good for the baby swimming expectant mother

According to experts, when swimming at the late term fetus is in the uterus in the correct position. If the fetus is in the womb the wrong position, often doctors recommend pool. In addition, the calm state of the mother and her relaxed in the water and transmitted to the child.

To start exercising in the pool is better in the early stages. Such procedures can be carried out until the birth. Start classes with 30-40 minutes and gradually bring the time spent in water up to 1.5 hours. If classes are tiring, then you should not do this, because swimming should be fun.


For swimming moms, unfortunately, there are contraindications. Before you start to swim, require mandatory consultation with a physician. When there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy, if there is a diagnosis of placenta previa, heavy vaginal discharge varied etiology, is absolutely contraindicated exercises in the water! Also, do not swim for pregnant women who are allergic to chlorine, which is necessarily present in the pool.

But, unless there is a pathology in which it is forbidden to swim, then you can safely go to the pool. Classes should be held in special groups or under the supervision of a coach. It is necessary to ensure that a pregnant woman has always been in mind and to avoid undesirable consequences. But before classes necessarily need a doctor’s visit!

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