Swimming for weight loss

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming is one of the most useful forms of fitness, which is suitable for almost all people. That swimming for weight loss is among the most effective ways to make your figure slim and attractive. But, nevertheless really swimming helps to lose weight, because it trains many muscle groups .

Effect of swimming on the body?

Many people are interested in the question how many calories are burned

while swimming? With regular classes in this sport in an hour you can burn approximately 500 calories. However, experts strongly recommend the use of swimming for weight loss only as an additional method. The fact is that not everyone who wants to lose weight goal is reached, due to these reasons:

after visiting the pool knowing how many calories are burned while swimming, the person starts to eat a lot of food, replenishing the body with a lot more energy than was expended;

based on the fact that during the voyage loaded almost all muscle groups, after these sessions, the majority of people refuse additional physical stress;

as a rule, the water in the pools warm, so the body does not waste energy on cooling, hence the burning of calories occurs only at the time of swimming and stops immediately after leaving the water.

However, with the right approach and the implementation of all the recommendations of experts provides an excellent opportunity swimming to lose weight almost everyone . In this case it is important to know how to perform movements in the water, because not everyone knows how to swim, to reduce the weight. By itself swimming has a positive effect on the entire body, even if the person does not set a goal to lose weight. While swimming in the pool or in any open water, accelerates the metabolism, breathing becomes deeper, improves circulation, stimulates the activity of all internal organs.

The benefits of swimming for weight loss

Swimming helps to lose weight almost everyone who regularly engaged in physical activities, we should not forget about the diets. Swimming for weight loss is much preferable to other sports for the following reasons:

an hour of swimming lose up to 500 calories, which exceeds even the energy that loses the man during the run;

when moving in the water greatly accelerating the metabolism;

not there is muscle stress and strain of joints;

swimming is an effective method of combating cellulite;

formed slender and lithe figure, which is achieved through massaging property of water;

swimming the front crawl and butterfly contributes to the development of the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and the press, and brass and strengthens the internal lateral surface of the foot;

helps to lose weight swimming on his back, removing body fat on the sides.

When you practice in a quiet pace is burned 500 calories, but if you increase the load, the intensity of swimming to lose weight allows much faster, because is burned within the hour 700 calories. To lose weight swimming can help, even if you swim freestyle, which got a lot of supporters because it can very quickly learn and also it helps burn a lot of calories. But to speed up the process of losing weight, you should try to mix as many styles of swimming.

The basic rules of swimming for weight loss

To swimming help to lose weight, you must make it part of a comprehensive practice . because the mere use of the pool makes it impossible to get rid of extra pounds, especially if the excess weight. To increase the consumption of calories when active water procedures it is recommended to swim in cold water – in the pool or any body of water. The process accelerated fat burning because the body will spend more calories to restore the previous temperature of the body. To swimming for weight loss live up to the expectations of the person, suffering from obesity, you should follow these rules:

You need to engage regularly to swimming help to lose weight, you need to hold classes 3-4 times a week;

Physical activity in water should last at least 45 minutes, with all the time you need to swim actively, and not to rest;

It is advisable to deal with the coach, because it is for each individual will develop a lesson plan, making swimming for weight loss will soon yield positive results ;

If you can not constantly deal with the coach, it is still necessary before school starts to visit him a few lessons and learn the basic techniques of proper navigation.

Every time before a dip in the pool, you need 5-10 minutes to perform warm-up to prepare the body for the upcoming activity;

Should be to choose the intensity of the loads that primarily depends on the capabilities of man and his physical training.

Swimming is an enjoyable and rewarding sport that promotes not only weight loss, but also improvement of the whole organism. To swimming for people of all ages – both children and the elderly.

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