The benefits of swimming.

The benefits of swimming. Swimming for weight loss.

Beach season is completed, it is time to think about polyplane in the pool. It is swimming in the pool, will help you maintain your figure to the next beach season, and not to gain extra, and the skin is pleasing to the eye – trim, without cellulite?

Many choose as an alternative to swimming – fitness, then worried: “Now go to the training, and the child what to do?” In the pool you can walk with your child, now in many sports complexes with swimming pool, classes for crumbs is carried out simultaneously with adults, and the benefits of

swimming – there is no doubt. Moreover, such classes are not traumatic, but on the contrary, help to strengthen the immune system, improve your mood and performance. In addition, such activities can become a family! And, in great shape, you’ll be rewarded with smooth back my daughter, and a serious passion for sailing son. Because children useless to talk about the benefits of sports and especially swimming, if you don’t do it yourself!

But today let’s talk about swimming for adults. So, swimming for weight loss is a good argument to buy a subscription to the pool. Especially, now no need to collect a lot of information. Water helps to relieve stress, and not have to worry about pressing matters and problems that you are surrounded all the time. Also, the benefits of swimming lies in the fact that classes in the pool, to help cope with the effects of joint and muscle injuries. The main thing is to start. And do not be shy about its completeness. In the pool are recorded not only the model with glossy covers. While swimming for weight loss, it is especially useful for larger women, because these classes help you avoid injuries and sprains. Just a month of training – and your silhouette will be far more graceful than she was! After just thirty minutes of intense workout, you will spend more than four hundred calories.

Don’t know how to swim, nothing to worry about. Take for starters the rubber circle. And exercise at least half an hour. Gradually increase the load. After a week, the workout can be increased before the hour. But there is one secret: swimming to lose weight, gives good results, if not goofing off in the pool, and actively move. Can also hire an instructor who will help you learn how to swim for a short period of time and losing weight. That way, you will be able to see all the benefits of swimming.

The secrets of training.

To start training in the pool, as with any other workout. Warm up, actively moving in the water – at least five minutes. Then a couple of minutes swim and relax, otherwise the benefits of swimming will not be as noticeable. Distance swim should increase gradually. Enhance the effect of workouts to get rid of cellulite is possible by adding to “diet” water massage. Bring on training massage balls to “stretch” the problem areas in the water. Exercise in water is much more effective than training in the gym. Because the resistance of water is more, then the effect and the benefits from swimming – and a half times better than “land” workouts.

To get a good effect, in the pool you should visit at least twice a week. Warm up before the swim is carried out in water. Before you enter the water, move the hands as if you are floating. The benefits of swimming, will be the case, if you start to swim slowly, gradually increasing the tempo. After twenty minutes, fast swimming, the body will begin to burn fat. That’s why swimming for weight loss gives a good effect, if you swim at least half an hour per workout. Half an hour would have to swim about a kilometer, at a uniform pace, occasionally resting at the border. Should not often dive or chatting with my friends – don’t waste power unnecessarily. Watch the pulse, it should not be too frequent. But if increased considerably need to have a break. An hour of swimming, you can spend up to six hundred calories!

Coaches recommend to change the style of each sprint. So the work is more muscle. The back muscles work especially well in the classroom crawl, butterfly stroke work great thighs and abdominal muscles, brass helps to result in the ideal condition of the feet. To increase the effect of swimming for weight loss, you need to give the maximum force of each thrust legs. To make diversity training – you can swim while holding onto the Board. Swim on your back, then again on his stomach. And it is possible to arm special blades that are attached to the hands so you “load” the arms and chest muscles, but if the blades concave – biceps.

The coaches are sure various styles of swimming, help to achieve different results. For example, the brass helps to reduce your hips to make your legs look slimmer and get rid of cellulite. And if you’re going to swim crawl – get seductive buttocks and thighs.

Swimming for weight loss should not be boring. Grab some friends and play in the pool in Polo. Or all of his numerous family. And rest, and socialize at the same time. You look, and your child will join a healthy lifestyle. On the rivers and lakes cold? Probably many of your friends and relatives realize what it is – the benefits of swimming, and would prefer classes in the pool dull workouts in the fitness room. In addition, classes in the pool, help to strengthen the nervous and circulatory system, the immune system. In addition, plafoniera slimming is absolutely no shock – then such classes have much less contraindications than land. Yes and peculiar fat people problems with blood vessels, much faster retreat during water workouts. Shy and don’t know how to swim? In the pools of qualified coaches ready to teach you this art.

Going to the pool.

So, you have already realized that the benefits of swimming for your body so significant that he decided to start training? First, you have to pay a visit to the doctors for help, that you can go to the pool. Failing in this document are usually those who have skin or venereal diseases, serious heart problems. The “cores”, which will allow such classes have to choose a customized training system, to closely monitor the pulse. Even healthy people do not recommend to bring themselves to exhaustion. Because swimming is beneficial only in reasonable quantities. You – “critical days”? If the discharge is scanty or moderate – you can exercise and not to miss, is enough to get a tampon to ensure that the swab was enough for exercise. Moreover, swimming in these days helps to relieve tension and pain in the lower back and abdomen.

Before training is to take a shower, with gel or soap. So, you avoid the risk to get skin diseases, adapting the organism to the aquatic environment. Swim better in its path, on its side, turning clockwise. The track will be divided into two? Choose who swims at about the same pace with you so you don’t need to overtake at a furious pace. Because the benefits of swimming, if the loads are adequate.

Sailing without errors.

I’m afraid for the wonderful stacked haircut, so the sail, raising his head high above the water? Wrong. So you’re overloading the cervical vertebrae. Swimming on your back – head should lie on the water. When swimming breaststroke or crawl, the person must be immersed in water. Rules of breathing, the coaches always remind them before each workout. Swim breaststroke – do not lift your head for a SIP of air, is not worth it and to lower it to inhale or exhale. Swimming the crawl? It’s all a bit more complicated. Breathe by turning your head, not changing the body position during wave of the hand. In this style of diving, your body all the time to be a single solid line. Take water with your right hand and turn your head to the right, take the left hand – turn your head to the left. Inhaled, raking in water. Swim, fish, following the pulses.

So, swimming is useful for those who decided to bring the figure in order. This is perhaps the safest sport for those who suffer from excess weight. Swimming for weight loss will help you to obtain a great figure, if you regularly swim at least half an hour a day, when the pulse one hundred and twenty beats per minute. To enhance the effect of training, you can get a massage under water, after a workout or relax in the sauna. Before you go for training on simulators. And if we reduce the calorie daily diet, reducing in its menu amounts of fatty and sugary foods, you can lose up to two pounds a month. The main thing without having overcome! Do NOT overload the body. Excessive fatigue not only denies the joy of practice, but can also give the opposite result, but, above all, swimming is good. Don’t forget to enjoy the training, after – swim for yourself, come with friends to play Polo. And listen carefully to the advice of the coach. It was then that the classes will make a difference. And next summer, you will go to sea, flaunting a brand new swimsuit bikini and perfect figure, competing in the heats with a favorite sibling while bathing in the sea.

Take care of yourself and good luck!

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