The first time it is very difficult or I started to run in the morning

The first time it is very difficult or I started to run in the morning

I just ran my first morning run for ten years. And instead of lying on the sofa and stare stupidly at the TV, sat down at the Desk and started to write this post. Because I want to share with you the emotions, experiences, ask for advice.

How I came to morning run

Long ago, in high school, I was running some time in the morning. I ran with my brother, a dog and sometimes dad (he’s not running, just walking). In such friendly company, it was pretty easy not to think about the questions “why do I need it?”. Of course then I thought about it and I was too lazy, but I was not alone and it was easier to cope with laziness. Besides, I was younger by ten years.

I’ve been thinking over, to begin again to run. And to keep in shape, and to exercise willpower. Many times I listened to various podcasts, watched videos, read books and articles, which said that running in the morning is very cool, and this should do, if you want to succeed in life.

I want to achieve great things. And now that I’m on the warpath. with laziness, lack of confidence and carelessness, I decided to start running. Earlier I have already put in your day with some exercise. So how to use the computer and do not play sports at all – like a suicide. And, of course, I often ride my bike. So it was a little easier than if I started running with a complete zero.

My first run

The alarm was set for 7am and it was decided that no excuses not discourage me from wanting to run in a more or less acceptable weather. I went at midnight, but could not sleep. Night woke up a few times due to the fact that the rain drummed hard on the window sill (I slept with an open window). Even then I thought that my idea with the run failed.

When the alarm clock rang, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. To my misfortune, the rain stopped. But the street was dark, cloudy and wet. At first I thought that it is still not the best weather for the first run. It is better for the first time to run, enjoying the sunshine. This experience will be remembered for their positive and next time will be running to give me a good feeling.

Notice what workshop excuse. And I almost fell for it. I rearranged the alarm for 9, wrapped in a blanket and settled comfortably so sweet to sleep for another two hours. So I lay there for about five minutes. And then stood up and began to dress.

Everything was against me. Socks disappeared. Sneakers were in a terrible state. Shorts fell down. I almost forgot your keys and mobile. Physical condition was not up to par – something somewhere was sick this day is especially hard.

In short, everything was bad. But it became much better when I went outside. Morning just doesn’t feel so dark, it was quite fresh and cool. I wanted to go over the threshold and run, but I didn’t. I am sincerely surprised at how many people are already awake. They hurried to work, the cottage, walking their dogs. The tour in full.

I felt uncomfortable to run in front of them, though of course nothing wrong with running no. So I went on foot. In principle, this is correct. You need to give your body to Wake up and walk a hundred meters before a run. I’m lucky, I live near (just a hundred meters) from the forest. There are no cars and their exhaust, no people convicted of a crime. Ideal for sports.

As soon as I entered the woods, I checked the time and ran. And immediately I felt bad. Long time since I played sports (the morning routine, which I started doing recently, not in the bill), smoked tobacco, drank alcohol, ate unhealthy food. All this was done my next step is even worse.

But I ran. Because I knew that after my run I feel great. Both physical and moral terms.

I didn’t run around like in the stadium. I ran along the forest paths where I just wanted to run. At first I ran on the Royal hill (we have this, with her constantly ride in the winter). Then ran on. I decided that in the woods I’m going to run and move a step only when you exit from it.

Through the woods to run nice and interesting. Sometimes there are obstacles that must be overcome. For example, a fallen tree, a hill or Vice versa lowland. To run over bumps and the earth is much nicer than a dull asphalt. In the future you can run on the up and down ravines.

As I ran, I start stabbing you in the side, and the throat strongly to any bitter tickle. I often spat – they say that it comes out the nicotine and tar that is inhaled while Smoking. At first I didn’t want much to load, so not grieved.

When I decided it was time to stop, I ran to the exit of the forest. Short run down 50-100 meters before him, I started walking again. It lasted only 15 minutes, it was very hard both physically and mentally, but I am proud of it.

When I stopped running, the body was freaking out. He came out of the shock of the unexpected morning load and pounced on me. Her eyes started watering, sore throat, flowed snot and drool, in my side started to crack even more. I would have given much at that moment for a Cup of hot tea. But a few minutes walk away and it (the body) calmed down. I came home in good health, happy and confident.

The findings of my Jogging

You start running in the morning is difficult. And at the same time just. Depending on how to treat this. Much more difficult not because of the pain and physical discomfort, but because of insecurity and laziness.

If you decide to run, then:

Try to run outdoors. Where there are no cars. Perfect in the woods.

Try not to run in a circle, and change the route as you run. The main thing that running was not normalized by the number of laps around a building. And to make it interesting.

Go on a step at the end of the run even in nature. To be opened for running light got clean air instead of exhaust gases.

Don’t stop. Never under any circumstances.

Spit on the opinions of others. Let them think what they want. Actually they are most likely jealous.

Don’t delay. Run the next day you decided to run.

If no company, do not worry. Just run. Sometimes it’s nice to be alone.

Pay no attention to the obstacles. They are always there. They need to overcome.

Comfortable shoes our all. Will need to buy new sneakers and shorts.

While running can be recharged music. It gives energy and distracts from the whining. Already thought about buying an mp3 player.

Second day: went for a jog for a second time. Ran 17 minutes. Much better now. Except that delayed onset muscle soreness of the muscles, but to ignore it is impossible.

Passed by horizontal bars with regret. Decided not to drive yourself.

Day three: and again I ran. Ran 21 minutes. Condition better and better. This time I ran a bit in the ravines and ran at a fairly high hill. Ran so much is because I ran into some cramps and tried to get out of them 🙂

Probably enough descriptions of my running. Start laid. The engine is running. Running every day. Soon I will write a post about the recipe have a good run, as it left a lot of comments and I talked about it with my friend, an athlete.

A couple of questions

As you jog in the morning? Better to run every day or every other day? Worth doing a weekend?

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