The impact of exercise on the organism of children of preschool age

The impact of exercise on the organism of children of preschool age

For systematic learning in school children, as we know, it is important to have good health, a sufficient level of development of physical qualities, the experience of adaptation of the organism to changing environmental conditions, including physical activity.

Among the most important in physical education today faces the problems associated with the intensification of the process of education, low status of children’s health, age and gender peculiarities of adaptation of the organism to various physical stress, enhanced functionality,

optimization of physical activity.

In physical education and development of preschool children there are a number of problems, among which is the lack of unified curriculum, ideology and strategy in solving health care problems by means of physical culture. A number of researchers consider physical education of children of this age as a diminutive variant of the school curriculum, preferring a variety of methods development, mastering foreign languages, computer training, etc. In physical education is traditionally used the experience of moving, folk games and various elements of sports games, to stimulate motor development, are translated into practice, working with children methods of training impact, and physical fitness is measured by the results of control tests.

About the lack of effectiveness of school ideology” of physical education in pre-school practice, according to the research, which revealed growth retardation in girls with increasing physical activity, while boys increase. From the beginning of fetal development before puberty growth in boys above average. The adaptation of the female body to high amounts of physical activity in the preschool period of life is more complicated than men’s. The negative effects of physical exercise for the physique girls can be explained by the mismatch of exercise functional capacity of the body. Honors the child’s body from the adult is the reduction of genetic control in excess of the formative factors causing developmental disorders.

Sensitive periods in the manifestation of different traits in children are not the same. There is an economy of forces of an organism, which determines at each moment of time it required in the direction of growth and development. Quantitative growth of some manifestations causes a decrease in others. This suggests that the redistribution of energy” is defined genetic program, and external intervention carries the risk of certain failures in these processes. Obviously, the goal of physical education at preschool age should be the creation of conditions for realization of genetic program of growth, the formation and strengthening of health of the child by means of physical culture. From the basic physical qualities in children 5-6 years formed quickness, flexibility, coordination, and strength and endurance needed active functioning of the hormones.

Physical exercises have a specific effect on increasing the strength of muscle groups, maintaining flexibility and give non-specific effect, implemented by the mechanisms of the stress response.

A good way to relieve stress and bring your nerves can be a roller coaster for marbles «Space Rail”. This design, which is the inertia of the moving down the trays of balls. Back up they are lifted with the help of mini-lifts, and then the balls roll down. During this time, your nervous system is gradually calming down and returning to normal.

Stress response depends on the total load power and saturates the body with corticosteroids. It can cause growth retardation in girls with increased physical activity. In hormonal “neutral” period of preschool age is such endocrine-regulatory unbalance of the body inappropriate. In this regard, in some cases it is necessary to limit the amount of physical activity. Need to maintain flexibility in the joints, to strengthen small muscle groups, establish the need for systematic physical exercises, to increase the stability of children’s organism to external influences, to form a correct posture.

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