The impetus for the transition to a raw food diet

The impetus for the transition to a raw food diet

Notes. who can give impetus to the transition of the power-raw (live) food

I never liked to adjust to others, and here is no exception — for me there is no Guru and influencers – we are all Gods (Co-Creators) and all the Knowledge embedded in our souls

Thank you all, the direction is correct with my T. SP (EC), and only with

the direction of the flow of your River of Life I intend to manage.

“Feel what you need to Your Body, Your Energy, Your Life.

Feel the relevance and synchronicity Transition in Nutrition, add to or waiver of any product, quantity eaten, etc.

Trust yourself!

Time herd mentality and imitation is long gone!”

The more immersed in the old the more energy you spend, and far from the truth. and close – in itself. But together we can be, and this is impossible, and the other the opposite — everyone has his own experience, and I have mine. Importantly, the COE, and only there, I will decide for themselves — mono or stereo. so I was comfortable.

So, suddenly and immediately 27.06 2012 I switched to raw food products, i.e. those products. which Nature gives us, the Creator, without heat, chemical treatment. Ie is the Raw food diet. Although he had been an avid meat-eater, paranoida and avoided alcohol.

To this solution, I was long and a half-life for sure. I have always searched and experimented and in life and in food. Smoking declined in 27 years, procures 10 years.

Five years ago, after books about separate nutrition Herbert Shelton passed, but not for long on vegano-vegetarian-raw food diet. See more mentally was not ready, but rather was a powerful motivation, and so, the game of the Ego-Mind to stand out among others!

At the time of transition in CE (27.06.2012) I’m 54 years old. height 176, weight-76 kg — as a standard in conventional medicine, no explicit conditions. Although always very hard to sleep and woke up even harder, with heaviness in the whole body. with nausea, with a stench in the mouth (though the teeth are fine and toothpaste is one of the best – Glister”) and very heavy on my mind from the worry and anxiety from coming day. So to go to SE my motivation was health on such a motivation personally for a long time I could never have survived. I have to change radically the way of life prompted a much more powerful motivation – raising the vibration of the cells of the body, hence the expansion of Knowledge, increasing Awareness and, as a result, coming to himself, i.e. his divine abilities! I consider CE as a transitional step-to-step to the NE.

So, 27.06.12 g overnight with I am with ALCO-vereneeduse moved to food living food.

The first days is more or less enthusiasm. All is quiet, the family is none the wiser. Three weeks to lose weight 4 kg in a month – 6 kg, although I never was fat (my weight from 17 years old to 53 years ranged between 63-65 kg, had a peak at 69 kg)

Refused salt, spices, tea, coffee. Ie, natural food unprocessed in any way.

Take a lot of information on the Internet — very supportive of the experience of other, virtual communication. Especially huge thanks to the group “I — Fructueuse” (Denis Shamaev), “Raw food” (Stanislav Chefranov)

Close under pressure, depletion scare, the notorious lack of B12, animal protein, referred to as CE sect. In General, as always and as everyone switched to CE. I got aggravated by the fact that the wife of an Orthodox medic with all the consequences…for me..

My strong motivation and communication on the websites of like-minded raw foodists keeps me firmly on the path chosen BEHOLD, your ship is clearly holding a CE course in storming the ocean society of detractors. So just the System Matrix does not let its energy donors. Need to be prepared for its impact.

Help dried fruit

Eat nuts with honey

Through the month declined from dried fruits (infe from the group “I am fructueuse”) For the year spent parasitic cleansing garlic and lemon eucalyptus. “Something” happened. cleansing the liver by Moritz – out pebbles up to 2 cm, 6* 36-hour 1* 2 days dry fasting without contact with water. Overall, my weight reached 55 kg (-21 kg)

Next are brief extracts from the Diary of my transition to a raw food diet


refused nuts and honey

Night leg sudalai driving

August 15, 2012

Anniversary – 50 days BEHOLD! Weight 65 kg(-11 kg)-already lasts 7 days.

Sometimes after a sharp rise blackouts

18.08. 20012

Started eating lemons — feel his taste

19.08.2012 g

Since morning I wanted to start running (energy fountain of pearl) — ran and at the end of the race at the stadium:

Warm – up-exercise-the total time from 30 min run

Made the cocktail a paste: coriander, parsley, cabbage, zucchini, cucumber, lemon and water all green knocked down. Not very tasty to review the ingredients and the ratio of their method of selection

Put in the tomatoes and eaten as mustard(substitute)


Found a replacement salt squeeze of lemon juice to tomatoes-delicious!

Try to stick to sermonette. Eat almost every 40 min – 60 min one thing, but a little.

My diet now consists of:


— herbs (parsley, dill, lettuce, celery, cilantro):


Cabbage, carrots, cucumbers;

Melon, watermelon, berries in season;

Fruit in stock. Especially now began to like grapefruit.

Eat onions and garlic with tomatoes rarely – once a week.

Home pecked to death — I’m frustrated too to cry, but mostly laugh. Pancreatic and liver did not refuse, as predicted. Vitality on top. The children take turns sick RIA-ARD with a sore throat at a temperature of 38-39,5, and wife feels bad and scare me all sorts of disease and degeneration.

Weight 63,5 kg-included olive oil is cold pressed and rare honey(with zucchini, cucumbers, carrots)

Eat everything-feeding period, without separation

Berries in the forest — cherry, stone bramble

The weight fell to 63 kg


Biting slightly decreased

Cramps at night were less likely

After Jogging and charging – short-term darkening of the eyes with a sharp rise-rashia

Energy quite two days digging Bulba in joy and without much tired

Mood prevails elated

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