The lack of optimal physical activity.

The lack of optimal physical activity. The increase in physical activity after an absence of physical activity.

I think many female readers will agree with me that a modern woman has learnt a lot to control, to keep afloat, to do everything and be indispensable for all. We have become multifunctional. Our life is becoming more dynamic, which makes us constantly to arrive in the movement and tension. But where and how in everyday Affairs we find time and space for yourself?

Let’s look at a typical day of an average inhabitant metropolis.

6.30 – 7.00 am Wake up, Breakfast, gathering the kids to school, yourself and a spouse to work

9.00 Beginning of the working day

13.00-14.00 lunch Break

18.00 End of the day

23.00-24.00 Rebound

Every day we make migration from home to work, from work back home. In the evening we run to the store for those that forgot to buy, or maybe just snacks for the household. But at home we are waiting for a family favorite and, of course, household chores until late in the evening. And here we fall to sleep tired. And what is it? Again the hated alarm clock reports that came a new day and time to get up and do it all over again. Day after day… So in the confusion, the weeks, months, years. We do everything on the go, we try very hard. Familiar? Go ahead.

Time passes and one day you suddenly horrified to realize that favorite dress, it is for special occasions, suddenly became tight. What makes each of us? Correctly. Starting to get angry. To life, to life, about yourself, about circumstances, lack of physical activity, etc. I Think the list can be very long. Unfortunately, at this point, it is too late to change anything. It only remains to find a suitable dress size. Used to this? Yes, I think each of us this has happened. So where the failure occurred, what happened and when?

Day after day we are going somewhere at breakneck speed. Time flies rapidly, and we have so many things that a quality meal is just not enough time. Besides, we used to do everything on the go. You analyzed that we are in talkive? Fast food, questionable chocolate bars, candy, cookies with some tea, sandwiches – in a word all that quickly satisfies hunger. And in the evening we arrive, cook dinner and good eats on the night of a home-cooked meal. Of course, we understand that there is no benefit to our figure and body as a whole. We look at ourselves in the mirror and trying not to notice how insidiously grow extra inches in the form of extra folds.

Now let’s go back to our daily routine. What is there to fix? The main part of the day we spend at work, and weekends in the solution of various important Affairs and household chores. Yes, every night we feel zabugornye, fatigue knocks you down. But was there during the day for optimal physical activity? How lifestyle affects human health? How does the absence of physical activity on human health? And anyway, what is health? Don’t want to burden you with long definitions from dictionaries. Say easier. >

Health is the reference state of the body, in which the internal system is at equilibrium without any deviations. What it depends on and to what extent?

1. Ecology – 20%

2. Heredity – 20%

3. Medicine – 10% >

4. Lifestyle – 50%

From the above data it is clear that our health is in our hands. After all, only depends on us improving our quality of life. The state of health and well-being directly affects our mood, performance and appearance. And it’s not just the body of toxic habits – Smoking and quite frequent drinking. but in fact, what we eat, how often do walks in the fresh air and generally does routine optimal physical activity.

Let’s get back to our dress for special occasions. We completely forgot about it!

Unwind at the time n months ago and consider an alternative scenario. You wear my gorgeous dress, your favorite stilettos and with great pleasure looking at your reflection in the mirror. You’re gorgeous: fresh face, toned body and an intriguing glint in his eyes. With this set the perfect mood and a memorable evening is guaranteed! And most interestingly, it does not need to do anything extraordinary. How to get and save the result?

Back to the schedule:

7.00 am Wake up, Breakfast, gathering the kids to school, yourself and a spouse to work

9.00 Beginning of the working day

10.00 a Light snack (exclude cookies, candy, sandwiches)

13.00-14.00 Break for lunch and the dinner itself accordingly

17.00 to try to make time for a proper dinner

18.00 End of the day.

19.00 visit to the gym (I recommend 3 times a week)

21.00 Light dinner, salad, dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, etc)

Well? In my opinion, nothing complicated, but the result will surprise you.

How to choose the direction in fitness that is right for You? How to pick the perfect diet for yourself? These topics we will cover in our next articles. Subscribe and follow our newsletter.

And finally, I would like to emphasize a very important point that not everyone pays attention. When you change a habitual way of life, diet, at first during fitness classes with a sharp increase in physical activity after an absence of physical activity, You should have fun. Only in this case, the innovation will persist for a long time, will become a new useful habits, and eventually Your way of life.

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