The problem of improving the special endurance of wrestlers

The problem of improving the special endurance of wrestlers

The modern level of athletic achievement requires focused training athletes, the search for more efficient organizational forms, means and methods of training. One of the main challenges facing coaches in the sports of wrestling and, in particular, combat Sambo, is to increase the special endurance athletes.

From a pedagogical point of view, good special endurance is characterized by

the ability of active wrestler in high pace to fight with the use of a greater variety of effective tactical actions. This assumes that the body of a fighter capable of rapid recovery and readiness to conduct the same battle after the interval between contractions (A. A. Ruziev, 2001, p. 36).

In combat Sambo combines speed and power working with static stress, it develops strength, speed, agility. Wrestlers should be well developed muscular system adapted to work primarily in an anaerobic mode.

Studies show that fights when the power consumption reaches an average of 10-12 kcal or more for 1 minute) respiratory rate during the struggle increases to 35-40 and more ex. in minutes Marked moments of breath-holding and straining – during capture, the preparation of the implementation of the throw and throw. Oxygen debt by the end of the battle can be significant. Maximum oxygen consumption is 57 ml/kg/min. During the fight, and especially after the bout of heart rate reaches 180-200 or more beats/min, Blood pressure can rise to 150-160 mm Hg. article (systolic) and 80-100 mm Hg. article (diastolic). Lactate in the blood after a fight promoted and is 8-10 or more mmol/l (V. M. Smirnov, V. I. Dubrovsky, 2002, pp. 536-537).

In this regard, the coaches, the acute problem of optimal choice of means, methods and building training aimed at the development of special endurance sportsmen.

Funds the development of endurance

Means of development of endurance exercises are causing maximum capacity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The majority of species of special endurance is determined largely by the level of development of anaerobic capacity of the body, which use any of the exercises, including operation of a large group of muscles which perform the work with utmost and acropetally intensity. Effective development of the special endurance are specially preparatory exercise, as close to competition shape, structure and characteristics of impact on functional systems of the organism, specific competitive exercise and General preparatory tools.

V. M. Zatsiorsky (1966) showed that the physiological effects of training work performed depends on the following parameters:

1) the intensity of the exercise;

2) the duration of the exercise;

3) the number of repetitions;

4) the length of the intervals of rest;

5) the nature of the stay.

Thus V. V. Shiyan (1983) emphasizes that the right combination of these variables in a separate training session significantly enhances the effect of physical activity and, conversely, in the absence of system in the planning of training loads can be obtained the opposite result planned.

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