The technique of baseball.

Many short-sighted players believe that the team in attack is just a beating. You must clearly define what it is not so. Skillful and fast players on the bases often become the key to victory in many games. Ultimately it is those points which bring such victories. Any player playing in the square can say how difficult it is to play against a player who quickly and skillfully moves on the bases. Despite the fact that the determining factor is the running speed isn’t everything in the end. It is also important to make decisions quickly. So fast running the player is not always the best running backs. Thus any “snail”, clearly risks being easy “prey” for the protection.

The skill of running is determined by the following factors:

Directly running speed and quick reflexes.

The ability to “read the game” and try to anticipate dalhausie development.

Mastering the basic tactics of running the bases.

Initiative assertiveness for maximum use of game situations.

Running technique:

For development speed it is necessary to consider the fact that running technique is ODIs major factor influencing the speed of the running segment. Many baseball players do not pay enough attention and is negatively skazyvaetsa on their form.

So, running is essentially posledovatelno associated among themselves jumping: after the push of one leg a good flight and a reliance on the other foot, and throughout the race the athlete to be more in flight than in contact with the support.

Everyone knows that speed is a natural quality which is given to man at birth. However, the running efficiency (speed) can be improved including by improving running technique, which is produced for years.

A huge role in the rapid movement of running on the bases plays a powerful, explosive start from the very first step that makes this element with a classic sprint in athletics. The trunk at this time strongly inclined and would like to be in the fall, from which the player is “saved” frequent “shock” steps: Quick takeaway hips up and forward with the subsequent kick pregna part of the foot down and back. The leg at statement be placed on pennyy part. Gradually, the torso is reduced, the eye is attracted to the base, which wants to take over the running. Stride length increases (the speed depends both on the length and frequency of steps). Arms bent at the elbows, completely relaxed and forearms dvizhutsja body back and forth. We can say that the faster you move the hands, the quicker the player.

You should not split hairs with the peculiarities of running in baseball. In order to run fast just to use those techniques that have been accumulated in training sprinters. Moreover, if running technique with different degrees of efficiency to correct a lifetime, the net speed is most actively to develop at the age of 12-15 years. Then progress is much slower.

We will provide you some exercises that guidance is suggested for development as proper running technique, and the development of speed-power and speed characteristics of the athlete. These exercises should pay attention mainly to the preparatory period, when it may have more power.

First, it is of course a special running exercises (SBU), which should be paid attention primarily to the technique of performing movements in each phase of running.

Mincing run.

Running with the overlap of the tibia.


The jumps in the step.

Running with jumps.

Skrestny run (this, of course, not quite Jogging exercise, but in baseball running this element is very often used).

In addition to these exercises, you can use the exercises that are often used for the development of speed qualities:

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