Sports pharmacology.


In what elements the body needs in training? Supplements, vitamins and other additives, so — called primary sport pharmacology, — a set of products designed to help the body to cope with exercise stress. Look at how to take correctly, and why it is important to know when to stop.

Vitamin complexes in the era of fast rhythm of city life, stress, environment and other tests of body strength, should be included in the diet of every inhabitant of the metropolis. Those who lead — or

begins to lead — athletic lifestyle, you need a set of additional tools that will help the body cope with the additional loads.

The content

Sports pharmacology — set vspomogatelny drugs (medicines and dietary Supplements) that poddrezhivayut the body during regular loads. Let’s talk about them.

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Trace elements are elements whose content is in the body a little, but they are involved in biochemical processes and necessary living Continue reading

Site about swimming part in the swimming competition

Participation in swimming competitions

Competitive experience is necessary for any swimmer for a number of reasons .

competitions raise the will to win and fighting spirit;

regular participation in competitions helps to be better prepared psychologically to their atmosphere;

competitions help to understand and evaluate how good your swim technique

and are you able to show it in extreme conditions of competition;

competitions are taught to properly distribute forces at a distance.

Competitions and food

During the day, to drink frequently in small portions.

Competitions and sleep

The importance and duration of sleep can be found in the article “the Dream swimmer”

However, before the competition a good night’s sleep is especially important . The necessary duration of sleep of an individual. But based on average data, we can say that the duration of night sleep before a competition should not be less Continue reading

Physical nagruzke

The back straight. Talk about scoliosis

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What is parkour and its use

Every mother knows how valuable the health of the child. We spend a lot of time and effort to give children only the best. Concern about their health is one of the main parental responsibilities. (more…)

Health and youth in the magical rhythm of the dance

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Proper diet and physical activity
Proper diet and exercise virre_rido - Simplicity Pattern Dress During the fruit diet playle sports fruits contain vitamin K, which positively affects the condition of the muscles and makes physical…

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The first time it is very difficult or I started to run in the morning
The first time it is very difficult or I started to run in the morning I just ran my first morning run for ten years. And instead of lying on…

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The recovery phase after exercise
The recovery phase after exercise Any person who plays sports (not necessarily power), asks the question: "How often do you have to train for maximum effect?" I ask this question…

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