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The benefits of swimming.

The benefits of swimming. Swimming for weight loss.

Beach season is completed, it is time to think about polyplane in the pool. It is swimming in the pool, will help you maintain your figure to the next beach season, and not to gain extra, and the skin is pleasing to the eye – trim, without cellulite?

Many choose as an alternative to swimming – fitness, then worried: “Now go to the training, and the child what to do?” In the pool you can walk with your child, now in many sports complexes with swimming pool, classes for crumbs is carried out simultaneously with adults, and the benefits of

swimming – there is no doubt. Moreover, such classes are not traumatic, but on the contrary, help to strengthen the immune system, improve your mood and performance. In addition, such activities can become a family! And, in great Continue reading

Sex and physical activity during menstruation (monthly)

Sex and physical activity during menstruation

Many modern women are wondering whether you can have sex during menstruation. Not less important question – whether to interrupt the sport in this period. Next, let’s talk more about this.

Sex during menstruation – what is important to know

For many couples sex in this period is a closed subject, because the majority of women feel discomfort. However, to make love in that period. Of course, partners will have to comply with hygienic norms. As you know,

making love during this period is able to deliver both women and men, new pleasant sensations. Some girls feel in this case even more pleasure, than in usual days. This can be explained by the fact that the vagina is well hydrated. In addition, a better flow of blood to the organs provides better sensitivity.

During sexual intercourse during menstruation women often experience an orgasm, which can relieve Continue reading

How to choose the right trainer for your home

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How to choose the right equipment for home

O ne of the most popular simulators on the market is the treadmill. Very

often it is classified as cardio. It is no coincidence, as the correct use of the sports equipment, strengthens the cardiovascular system and leg muscles, and improves overall endurance.

Any treadmill for the home consists of a handrail and a rotating belt. Mechanical simulator involves the rotation of the belt through the efforts of the user. Such a device simulator best mimics the natural Continue reading

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The recovery phase after exercise
The recovery phase after exercise Any person who plays sports (not necessarily power), asks the question: "How often do you have to train for maximum effect?" I ask this question…

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The impetus for the transition to a raw food diet
The impetus for the transition to a raw food diet Notes. who can give impetus to the transition of the power-raw (live) food I never liked to adjust to others,…

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Recovery after workouts.
The basic principles of cross-country training. interesting. article athletics. School running Scirun School Running Scirun. Recovery after workouts. Stay after the run Almost all the lyrics about running a training…

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