What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components

What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components

What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components? This is a concern for almost every person, seeking to preserve and strengthen their health. If earlier it was considered that it is enough to do physical exercises and adhere to a specific diet, but now the concept of healthy lifestyles revised and updated to incorporate the latest advances and discoveries in medicine, sociology and psychology.

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What he thinks about the who?

According to the world health organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Accordingly, a healthy lifestyle, according to the who definition, is “optimal quality of life, defined by a motivated human behavior aimed at the preservation and promotion of health in terms of exposure to natural and social environmental factors”.

Based on this definition, consider the separate components of a healthy lifestyle in more detail.

The physical aspect of health at home

Sunlight . Under the influence of ultraviolet sun rays on human skin induces the production of vitamin D, which not only strengthens bones, but also is a good remedy for depression. Sufficient level of this vitamin protects against osteoporosis. multiple sclerosis. of rickets. Its deficiency contributes to the development of periodontal disease, cancer. muscle pain, joint diseases and even diabetes. Unfortunately, with age, the absorption of this vitamin decreases, and not everyone can afford to constantly buy good fish from the sea or the corresponding pharmaceutical preparations, therefore, becomes extremely important to totally free obtain of vitamin D during walks.

Destruction of pathogenic microorganisms is another positive aspect in the sunlight. In the old days, before the advent of antibiotics, sunlight was extensively used for the treatment of pustular skin diseases.

In addition, the sunlight has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, causing positive emotions also have a positive effect on overall health.

To lead a healthy lifestyle means not to neglect the walks on Sunny days, regularly “let in” through the open Windows the sun’s rays into the room, and moderately tan. On the other hand, to avoid the negative impact of sunlight on summer days it is necessary to use sunglasses and to prevent sunburn by wearing appropriate clothing and using sunscreen.

Air . Fresh air saturated with negative ions and oxygen, which is essential to overall health. A tight belt at the waist and the habit of breathing upper part of chest, as well as stagnant air can cause headaches. sleep disturbance, irritability, aggression, decrease of concentration of attention and deteriorating cognitive abilities. Sometimes for clarity of thought enough to take a few deep breaths.

Use fresh air for your health is to regularly ventilate their homes, to learn to breathe “stomach” (diaphragmatic breathing) and to provide good ventilation while cooking in the kitchen, especially if it used gas stoves.

Water . For the normal functioning of our body enough in a day to drink 1.5–2 liters of fluid, 2/3 of whom must be ordinary water. A lack of water may indicate the following symptoms:

headache (usually enough to drink 1-2 glasses of water, make it disappear);

fatigue, weakness, irritability;

the emergence of constipation ;

swelling and puffiness of the face;

sleep disturbance.

Our heart, nervous system, kidneys and other organs are functioning well, if the day a person weighing 70 kg drinking at least 1.5 liters of fluid. When you are overweight, you should add 1 Cup for every 10 pounds overweight.

Balanced nutrition . The basic principle of a balanced diet is moderation and variety, because the body must receive all the essential nutrients and trace minerals.

The basis of nutrition should be cereal, bread and pasta made of flour, potatoes. Many of the problems arise from the fact that modern man restricts the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. According to the who guidelines, people a day should consume at least 200 grams of fruit and 300 vegetables.

Also in the diet must include milk and milk products, eggs and legumes. Many of the pyramid balanced diet is also recommended to include in the daily menu of fish and lean meats, and nuts and seeds.

Fat is a preference for vegetable oils, but candy, pastries and other sweets should be consumed in very limited quantities, for example, on weekends or holidays.

Physical exercise . It is believed that physical inactivity has the same harmful effect on the vascular system, as well as the long experience of Smoking. Physical exercise not only improves metabolism and blood circulation in the body, but also enhance immunity. the reduction of cholesterol, and normalization of metabolism.

For an adult person to do in a day at least 10,000 steps. Useful are also aerobics classes, Jogging, swimming or other sports, at least 30-40 minutes 5 times a week.

The easiest way to motivate yourself to move more is to buy a treadmill and watch your favorite TV shows and programs are not lying on the couch and catching up on the home trainer.

Rest . Man needs daily, weekly and annual rest, which depends on the main activity. For example, when heavy physical labour to relax is to sleep, read a book or just sit in your favorite chair. If the work is sedentary, the best vacation would be visiting the gym and socializing with friends in the fresh air.

Abstinence . According to experts, temperance is abstaining from harmful and moderation in useful. For example, unequivocally harmful to health of the person Smoking, use of narcotic drugs, large doses of alcohol, and unprotected sex with a partner who obviously has a disease, sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, to maintain its health away from all of it should be abandoned. On the other hand, daily exercise strengthens the body, but excessive exercise can wear out and cause the disease. The same is the case with the adoption of food or desire to work overtime.

The spiritual aspect of health

According to studies, in which participated centenarians, they were United not only balanced diet and sufficient physical activity and a positive, optimistic attitude to life, the ability to enjoy everyday things.

An important role in maintaining health and spiritual beliefs in the correctness of his actions. If conscience is haunted, if a person is in an internal conflict with himself or he lost hope in the collapse of its system of values, it causes severe chronic stress adversely affecting various aspects of human life.

So lead a healthy life spiritually is to see the positive in everyday life, often to rejoice, it is easier to relate to the problems and be at peace with yourself.

The social aspect of a healthy lifestyle

The power of love and mutual support . As shown by numerous studies, ceteris paribus, the number of centenarians higher where there is still a tradition to live as a big family in several generations, and health stronger for those whose culture involves mutual care and support.

Charity, philanthropy, and an active social activities and to have like-minded friends is extremely good for overall health.

And finally, most importantly

Like a big journey starts with the first step, and following the principles of a healthy lifestyle begins with our conscious choice that each of us have to do every day between behavior that enhances or destroys our health.

In the attached video you can find out more about how to lead a healthy lifestyle:

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