What is natural running

What is natural running?

Running is one of the natural abilities inherent in the people. We are born to run. Since ancient times, when running ensure basic survival, until today, when more and more people are chickening out on the pavement for fitness, or simply for the fun of it, running was and remains an integral part of our existence. Not much can compare to the feeling of being in good physical shape that covers us for a run. Easy wind in your face, down with dark thoughts running simultaneously energizes, soothes, inspires, and uplifts.

But if running is a natural process, why many runners marginalized? Why “running” the population of the Earth in its overwhelming mass becomes more and more slow? Training programs, training shoes, other Jogging outfit today is so advanced that, in theory, would have to provide modern runners advantages in comparison with the dawn Jogging boom of the 1970-ies. But why the average time finisher in the marathon was worse? And why runners today are injured more often than before?

According to the American medical athletic Association, annually from 37 to 50% of runners suffer serious injuries, forcing them to reduce or discontinue the training load and seek medical pomoshu. Given that in the U.S. I have been running nearly 44 million people (data from a survey of the Association of manufacturers of sports goods, 2009), it turns out that each year from 16 to 22 million runners are suffering from certain injuries. Twenty years of progress in the development of running shoes and training plans and the number of injured? Don’t you find it absurd?

Had to be a better, healthier way to enjoy this simple, improves mood and truly natural form of physical activity! And it exists. This is a natural running, given to man by nature: a perfect, rational and free.

The concept of natural running is not new. It existed during the time of the Neanderthals. Barefoot runners in prehistoric times, gonaves for prey, most likely, ran it with a straight body position, compactly assembled by hand, high frequency movements, they landed on the front part of the foot in the projection of its centre of gravity, not threshed on the ground with my heels with each step. We know this because the movement of the barefoot person on a natural surface very efficiently and economically. And two million years of evolution hasn’t changed, because, as research specialist in the field of evolutionary biology Daniel Lieberman and his co-authors, has not changed the human anatomy.

The problem is not that we have forgotten what “run naturally”. We are likely to have fallen victim to modern civilization, namely, running shoes and hard surfaces. The good news is that, by understanding what is natural technique of running and how to attend, we can begin the study of algorithms running and to rediscover how to run actually.

Imagine you’re running barefoot on the soft grass of a football field or a smooth soft sand beach. However, this thought causes a pleasant feeling? Regardless of how you experienced how good your physical form, it is likely that the memory will take you back into the past. You will be mentally to run smoothly, efficiently, and your body will move freely, the limb is in harmony with the feet barely touching the surface of the earth. Why? Yes because it is designed to move the human body. And only with the advent of modern running shoes, especially with excessive attenuation, we have (very recently!) land on the heel.

No matter how fast you mentally run, so your body stays in harmony with the surface under your feet, you move easily, freely, springing, almost without effort. The muscles of the legs and body easily engage in joint work. Like your ancient ancestors, you are likely to keep the body straight, slightly inclined forward, hand, compact, coherent, soft steps, with touchdowns on the pads of the feet. Your body is guided by sensory signals that are received during the interaction of the feet with the surface, and helps to move on any flooring safely and effectively. The signal from the area of the stimulus, called in biomechanics by afferent impulses, coming from the front of the foot when your body is in the most balanced position.

When the front part of the foot feels beneath the surface, the brain is positioning the body for the most efficient and balanced stride. In the framework of interaction “stop—the brain’s” natural looks, the promise that the surface is not only safe, but softens the blow with every step, as well as the message body to adapt to a particular position of the foot. This is a picture of natural running natural conditions.

Now, imagine yourself running barefoot on the sidewalk, the street or the wooden floor. Your brain perceives a hard surface under the soles (which has no shock absorbing properties and absorbs shock when walking) as potentially dangerous. It forces you to run with a very light stop stop to avoid blunt trauma from the impact with such surface. In the end, you land on the mid/front part of the foot (metatarsal area), and not on the toes, quickly detach it from the surface, not much in this proceeding.

I call it the self-regulation of the collision. Your brain instinctively calculates that landing on the heel on a hard surface while running barefoot will lead to a painful injury. The human body is not designed for repetitive traumatic touchdowns on the heel. Therefore, it naturally avoids running with heels, especially on hard surfaces. This is a natural adaptation to the unnatural world.

Natural running is running in its natural form on any surface: smooth, soft, rough or hard. But since we run overly heavy shoes, in an unnatural world of concrete, asphalt, compacted earth paths, not safe for bare feet, we need to learn to run again. To run naturally in a lightweight Shoe certainly has some protection, but at the same time mimic the barefoot running experience.

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